S.O.S.! The Arts+Culture Drydocks: MS Stubnitz(es) Everywhere! … Or Else A Ghostfleet World of Shoppers + Bureaucrats + Virtual Zombies


{ MS Stubnitz – in the Inderhavn/Christianshavn KBH port, foto by Falk Rugies }

< 26.3 > Update: Stubnitz is relocating from Havnegade back to Christians Brygge/Langebro in KBH, and looks like it may be back open for business this weekend… Analogik w/ Motherfucking Gaslamp Killer show is Likely still on for < 27.3 >. And still likely sailing for Rostock < 6.4 > Perhaps the most up-to-date news is here.

S.O.S… MS Stubnitz(es) Everywhere! … Or Else…

An artship sails into town like a circus … or something much much more!? A massive + mobile culture-making machine, an interactive vessel w/ limitless inputs + outputs, it hosts a DIY-savvy crew each possessing an open source chest full of treasure maps to all the current creative trends + the much rarer and exotic singular genii.  Event producers, technology pioneers, independent culture hunters + collectors, and all the invited performers + makers are the keys to cultivating a safe harbor for culture which abandons the corporate colonies and their flesh-eating anti-arts.

The populace is everywhere teaming between the deadzones more than hungry to set a course for the new worlds.

But alas, cities today in the post-9-11 security-entrenched wasteland cannot see all the creative bounty which arrives at their docks. Codes + regulations are the new treacherous reefs which so often turn away and/or sink the pioneering navigators of future culture. In such a frame we are doomed to loop the unsustainable + self-emasculating routes.

And currently the MS Stubnitz, an East German fishing trawler transformed into a cultural vessel/venue which began in the early 90s bringing extraordinary life to nordic shores, is sitting in a bureaucratic drydock/deadlock in Copenhagen, due to a complex tangle of unrenewed permits to keep its doors open to the public.

For now, the good news is that Stubnitz will be open for business after > April 6th < in Rostock … but the obstacles to maintaining this project are far from over. I.e. viable ports which allow it to continue fully functioning as a business + public space are steadily decreasing… ( i.e. Amsterdam, Hamburg … ).  And of course in any downtime, the day-to-day costs continue to mount.

( Ok, it’s plenty more complicated than that… stay tune for updates/details )


{ somewhere in pirate waters / the bar deck above the main stage }

Resources : MS Stubnitz on Fbook / Murdyspace / Captain’s Blog / the Dk site

And a few projects that are on deck, and YOU should know about:

- THe ARCHIVES -  there’s nearly 15 years of music + video, over a dozen terrabytes of archives, containing some of the outer reaches of musical + performance exploration… From just about anyone that matters … and everything you’ve never heard of and NEED TO FILL THE GAPS in your Musical brain … Muslimgauze to Fred Frith to Autechre to Die Goldenen Zitronen to Alif Sound System to Jayrope to Candie Hank to Infernal Noise Brigade + Filastine to Messer Chups + Frau Muller to Amy Denio to Zbigniew Karkowski to Merzbow to Otomo Yoshihide to Sudden Infant to … etc, etc. Expect CD releases and further online indexes. ANd they are currently looking for partners/sponsors to make documents + Full Access possible … last we heard they were discussing connections to IRCAM at the Centre Pompidou. Any thoughts? Brainstorms? send them!

- The MEDITERRANEAN PROJECT: an extraordinary cultural mission in
2011?? to sail to the North African ports. EU+Africa+Arab relations via musical diplomacy.

- A complete online 3-D NAVIGATiBLE TOUR of the ship. Contact Falk!



{ eingang + rearview in December 09, CPH }


Standby for S.O.S. part 2: Artships in the drydocks – the bigger picture!

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