the XLt winter tail blurbs, part 3: Wired, Waning + Unwyrd


< 18-20.3 > ElectroSmog – International Festival for Sustainable Immobility : Amsterdam / New York / Madrid  / Riga / London / Banff  / New Zealand / Munich / & on-lIne

From some of the folks at De Baile (in A’dam) who brought us Next Five Minutes events:

“The ElectroSmog festival develops a critique of the worldwide explosion of mobility, and investigates the oldest promise of the information age that new communication technology could lead to a radical reduction of hyper mobility, without giving up our connections to the rest of the world.

The simple question if communication technology can help us to do something about the continuous growth of mobility reveals a world of complexity: Do these new technologies not lead to a dramatic increase of electro-magnetic pollution (”electrosmog” – think of the discussion around umts transmitters)? And isn’t the desire for physical encounter actually heightened by all these new connections, leading to more travel instead of less? When is a remote experience rich enough so that a physical encounter is not always necessary? How do we design sustainable immobility?

The format of the festival is an exploration of sustainable immobility in itself. As a collaborative project it is developed by a network of organisations and initiatives spread over more than ten countries and 5 continents. No one is allowed to travel and all connections are established on-line.

ElectroSmog offers a diverse program with art projects by among others  Bureau des Etudes, Karen Lancel en Hermen Maat, Costas Bissas, Esther Polak, Jon Cors and Kai-Oi Jay Yung, Sean Kerr, Kevin McCourt, live performances, screenings, book and project-presentations, and a series of live connected thematic discussions with participants from 5 continents, covering a time-difference of 20 hours.”


{ A Psychotronic Arms Treaty ??!! }

< 18.3 – 13.00 – 15.00 CET (GMT+1) > From RIXC in Riga w/ contributions from Bureau des Etudes / Spectral Investigations Collective + Zita Joyce, ADA Digital Arts Network, New Zealand

Correction ( or repeat?) <  SAt. 20.3 – 13.00 – 15.00 CET (GMT+1) >

This program brings together artists fascinated by the invisible and most ephemeral side of electronic media, the varying densities of the electro-magnetic spectrum. The program continues the discussion started at the RIXC’s Spectral Ecology event in 2007. Besides the exploration of the invisible and intangible, also critical environmental issues are addressed. How is the body, the brain and the nervous system affected by the increasing density of electromagnetic waves around us? Since the nervous system relies on electromagnetic energy flows there are certainly effects, but which? In many countries heated debates flared up in the past about the effects of new umts transmitters (high capacity mobile phone networks), and scandals erupted over transmitters fitted on apartment buildings, apparently making residents sick.

Program overview here


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