With or without, the river flows: Suzhou He

se zhoushouzhousouzhou
Oil21 and Pirate Cinema Berlin present freitag, 14 dezember:

lecture and discussion, 19 uhr

suzhou he (suzhou river) by ye lou (china, 2000), 21 uhr

And at 7pm, Lawrence Liang, a researcher with the Alternative Law Forum in
Bangalore, whose key areas of interest, in recent years, have been the
various conflicts that arise at the intersections of law, technology
and culture, and whose interventions in the ongoing debates about
Intellectual Property have become a point of reference for numerous
theorists and practitioners all around the world.

An excerpt from Oil21.org’s pir-oneering concepts regarding the theme of “River as Archive”:

“While we still “navigate”, or even “surf”, the often shallow waters of
proprietary archives, a whole new universe of distributed repositories
has emerged that is built on “streams”, or even “torrents”. These are
not simply metaphors for the free flow of information, but highly
advanced technologies and protocols that rely on the concept of the
river, as archive, for reasons of performance and efficiency — and
that threaten to obsolete the fortified repositories of information.”

Don’t miss this critical alternative thinking on this 5th anniversary of Creative Commons ( the white meat alternative?), and then of course u may be infinitely more equipped to partake in some wine and cheese … over at the CC party at C-base : )

cc bday

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