March 4th ! We are …


{ UC Riverside , Fullerton, Ca. }

“WE ARE students, workers, unemployed; we are undocumented and on probation… We Are…

If one thing is brutally obvious, it’s that there is no point demanding anything from a system which is trying to eat us alive, or negotiating with rulers who will never see us as anything but numbers. From budget cuts at our schools to mass layoffs and foreclosures, from police murders on BART to the exploitation and persecution of migrants from the south, from the criminalization and incarceration of youth of color to political activists facing decades in prison, from the destruction of UCSC’s Upper Campus ecosystems to the giant plastic garbage dump in the middle of the sea, these ‘problems’ are all symptoms of a system based on private property and the police who enforce it. The solution cannot be granted to us by anyone: we have to build it ourselves by organizing autonomously, developing collective power and generalized self-management.”

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March 4!

For details in your area try indymedia, i.e. … if they haven’t yet posted news about March 4th, it’s your turn to become the newsmakers !


{ Mario Savio at Sproul Hall, Berkeley 1964 }

EDUCATION WITHOUT DEBT! Among Other Things… TUrn it UP ! Yo, here we go again !

Watch the “bodies upon the gears” speech Here  | And More on Mario Here



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