In The Land Of Robots + Donuts United, Exit Ahead


{ From the work of Eric Joyner, shall we say the Edward Hopper of the new American anti-era + the rapid recline of the fast food meets technological wundersplint nation }

The Transmigration of the Robo Erectus

The Xlterrestrials have been meeting in Copenhagen again to work on the next version of our Transmigration of Cinema project. We’re up to version 4, and we’re not exactly sure if the title above might be too Out There for a general public, but we think it hits a few nerves, and we’ll begin to test the waters with the new theme.

Lately we’ve absorbed some incredible perspective from way too many resources, and it will be hard to analyze it all and really tie it together into a single Podopolog. Meanwhile we’ve been meditating on the oil painting(s) by Eric Joyner, like the one u see above, which has been awaiting our accompanying XLt article. A few days before leaving to return to the ‚ā¨urolands, we experienced”Robots and Donuts” which was hanging at Ritual Cafe (+ galerie) in the Mission District. Twas like an over-caffeinated bearing of the 1st of 3 glazed stigmata, in assessing a Dickian quagmire/crucifxion of the body + spirit + culture incorporated. And it is helping shape our NEW media literacy and self-defense project.


Other sources have been Jaron Lanier’s new book “You Are Not a Gadget” which we haven’t gotten into our paws just yet, but viewing his recent talk for Zocalo Public Square in Los Angeles is nothing short of astounding! It recalls the alarming power of an IT insider like Bill Joy coming out in 2001?, and writing his total reassessment of where a technology cul de sac could be in store in his now historical Wired cover story “Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us” … And Jaron appears to take it further with some very concrete analysis of how to turn back the tide. A realistic dark net view yet mixed with an unmistakable optimism in human creativity and the individual spirit. But, we’ll get more into that and the ideas for direction below.


{ the frozen nordic shores }

We have been fortunate to receive an artist residency where we are undergoing a selves-admitted e-detox program ; )… i.e. fewer emails, fewer networks, fewer newsfeeds, fewer podopologs? … and a lot of silent walks. And staying focused upon return.

memories + insight thread needles in a still winter forest, new time and space begins to beckon a deeper quest for some purer signals from within.


To begin a sketch: we suddenly realized, or at least articulated 2day, that everything that has and can be created for the common good, is getting up-ended not just by a very old + corrupted Operating System in the global download village, but by a lack of government, or rather a lobotomized governance. Positive technological developments like the internet, are in the bigger picture being put to use to expand upon this upside down world, NOT to upright it. An old case we’ve presented before, but such tools are empowering non-person corporate entities + lower human drives, while complex technologies of state control are on the rise and ¬†individuals + communities are more cut off, deluged and/or incorporated into the backward flow, the undertow.


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