HoT Spots in Berlinopolis … part 4

:: 11/12:: Tonight LOST FILM FESTIVAL at Subversiv ab 21h



:: This week Creative Commons will celebrate its 5 year anniversary at many locations around the world…i.e. at C-Base in Berlin. But perhaps higher up in the deconstruction of the food chain, the Berlin finale of The Oil of the 21st Century ( there will be one more event in Mumbai Dec.21) is sure to be exploring the future with much bigger teeth, both philosophically and in self-defense. This weekend Pirate Cinema folks have invited Lawrence Liang to take us on a river ride thru the canals of Berlin and take us on a journey into the themes of “The River As Archive”.


( image from last weekend’s opening at NeuroTitan Galerie )

And speaking of pir-oneering programs, Sebastian Luetgert is featured in the new issue of, with an interview about the Art Of Challenging Copyright. Other hot topics in issue #28, include interview with Jodi, e-music feature on Ryoiji Ikeda, Alexei Shulgin, and much more…


Last Sunday, a ‘new’ Berlin Freies Radio project, Mikro-Fm discussed the copyright world just a bit on their weekly program, among other complexities in the Miss Appropriated and incorporated worlds. And meanwhile they are also gearing up for Free Radio Days – January 1-9, 2008, with community radio-initiative reports from around the globe. More on that coming soooon.

radio berlin


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