The Panoptica Gallery : Archival Tales of Irrtum + the Flesh + Blood Inserts


{ Leonor Fini worlds as a mixtape: Pan Optic Radio #14? : “(partial) tiny blue” c.1996 }

We are going through the Panoptica archives … that means mostly the artwork/covers of a collage radio project that began sometime around 1994 ! We suspect we’re up to Pan Optic Radio #1033 or thereabouts, and distributed over thousands of those, and so doing the quik but precise math, we’ve probably given out about 1,070,632 pieces of oblong and shiny plastic to our faithful listeners over the years.

So to all our gracious fans and to commemorate the strategic Irrtum and the financial vortex of the gift economy ( which even preceded the wicked genius of the total internet art economy collapse ; )¬† we’re planning A Panoptica Gallery Page, i.e. one of those things in the left column of the podopolog¬† to supply you with infinite FREE eye candy, and maybe a bit for the ears ( if we find anytime for digitizing the ol’ recordings) … and certainly a tugging and jarring of the heart. Beware all those XLt readers with overly nostalgic tendencies.

Some of our best graphic collaborations have been with SF-based Soft Zulah, whom we have been alerted will participate in a Happy Feet Presents show at Cellspace in San Fran on March 11, more info coming soon in the XLt blurbs.


{ the ol’ ECR ((i))ndy radio days in the SciFi city… courtesy of Soft Zulah flyers }


A Panoptica Gallery Prelude:

marquispod11 + panoptica23






+ panoptica99 + panoptica101



Time Capsule: ” Pan Optic 27 is a tribute to all the frequency composters, media fertilizers, rebellion planters and transresistor roots, for those who’ve kicked and stretched the info-ripened pods to reveal the garden of leveling fields… brothers + sisters in the terrestrial ports of electro-magnetic justice: archive to liberate! re-edit to play! juxtapose to explore! spore to enlighten!



{ Pan Optic Art Deco special mix }


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