The XLt Wintertime Blurbs: EFF is 2o !! + +


< 2.10.10 > EFF’s 20th Birthday with Adam Savage and Friends at DNA Lounge

Join the celebration of EFF’s 20th year defending your digital rights! Our birthday fundraiser on February 10th will be hosted by beloved TV geek Adam Savage at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco, where he will celebrate EFF’s two decades as only he can, with the help of many EFF legends and luminaries!

DJs Adrian & the Mysterious D, the duo that founded the seminal, globe-trotting mashup party “Bootie,” will get people moving with their genre-mashing blend of tracks, with guest DJs dropping sets throughout the evening. And just added: Vj/Dj Podinski from the XLterrestrials.

Doors open at 8 p.m. We’ll be asking for a $30 donation at the door to fund our work defending your digital freedom ( Suggested? usually they ‘ve had a no one turned away policy.)

Also a V.i.P. ( special donor) party here.



< 2. 2-7. 2010 > Transmediale v.10 begins… in Berlin

< 2.6.2010 > Atemporality – A Cultural Speed Control? at House of World Cultures
Keynote: Bruce Sterling (us) – Atemporality. Participants: Alexander Rose (uk), Siegfried Zielinski (de), Mike Sandbothe (de)
Moderator: Jose Luis de Vicente (es)

Henry DeTamble has a genetic disorder known as “chrono-impairment” that causes him to time travel unpredictably. The different dimensions of past, present and future flow into each other, creating a state of atemporality.

The speed of our society is constantly increasing in terms of processes, logistics and media, causing the present to “shrink”. We are experiencing the dissolution of meaningful frameworks in a similar way as Henry DeTamble: in politics, the intervals of planning and acting are reduced to the duration of a legislative period and in post-industrial economics volatile unpredictability has come to replace regular traits of growth and stability. Progress as the paradigm of modernity has been replaced by the continuous modulation of events. If progress is to go beyond the banal indulgences that give rise to a never-ending array of car shell designs then we need to analyse our present time with regard to its aesthetics and its media. The structure of the future has changed, and with it our sense of time. Are we running out of a future as a resource for growth, progress and stability? Has our cultural cruise control become defective?


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  1. Anne Roth Says:

    Great pic :). About the shirts: no tiny tight girly sizes, please. In european size I’d like sth between M and L, no idea how that translates into american? Would be great if you could bring one!


  2. pod Says:

    Uh Oh, I brought a girl’s Large, and didn’t think about it til i looked at it again when i got home, it’s pretty small… damn, maybe we’ll have to get another one sent out. Be in touch soon…

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