SF/LA/Cali bits and pieces cont. + 41 Years On The Res!


{ life on the Res… }

< 1.30 > The Residents at The Henry Fonda Theater, LA – check the full Talking LIght tour schedule here which includes Euro dates starting in April.

According to the Cryptic Corporation: Spawned in Shrevesport, La. in 1969, which means The Residents have been slipping the LSD (lickety split dementia?) into your pop culture for 41 &^%$! years !

Ohhhh, Man, nobody puts yur brain on backwards like the Res, check these:

One Minute Movies ( ), The Gingerbread Man ( ), Man’s World (2008? video), Hello Skinny ( ),  Cry For The Fire ( live ? w/ Snakefinger )




{ el Nino is back, rainy LA, the concrete byways and the looming “Tyrell” corporations }



{ Blackfire, Diné/Navajo punk served fresh, “did u think we’d just go away?” }

< Feb/Mar > Blackfire, celebrating 20 years, indigenous resistors from Black Mesa, AZ will be on tour in Germany, France, Suisse, Norway… possible XLt collaborations in Berlin, stay tune. Check the full schedule here on their site, and plug into the rising tide ! ( Listen ).


{ Having just arrived from Arizona on the tail of last week’s 10,000+ MARCH AGAINST JOE ARPAIO IN PHOENIX – read more at Indymedia Arizona- Klee from Blackfire speaks at the 2nd annual LA Anarchist Bookfair at Barnsdall Art Park. }

Speaking of Life on the Res… We are Not all Occupied Equally…

The Xlterrestrials are working on a review + perspective on the bookfair and the LA activist arena in general… Meanwhile, the LA Times has a pretty funny view Here.


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