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< 1.24 > the 2nd annual LA Anarchist Bookfair at Barnsdall Art Park, Hollywood

Publishers, Booksellers, Publication+Nonprofits attending include:

Semiotext(e), Earth First Journal, Taala Hooghan: Infoshop & Youth Media Arts Center, South Central Farmers, Skylight Books, Institute for Anarchist Studies, Critical Resistance, PM press, AK press, Journal of aesthetics and protest, Center for the Study of Political Graphics, Los Angeles Independent Media Center, KPFK 90.7 Pacifica, The Icarus Project and many many more.

For a nearly complete list see The LA Anarchist Bookfair site


And XLterrestrials will present “Don’t Feed The Monsters!” :

Analysis + deconstruction of our current hostile media landscapes
featuring XLt guerrilla cinema  (a short films selection + excerpts from the
Berlin archives) with interactive experiments and open debate.

Is life in the net the new precarity ? Telepresence and disembodied
information in a society which is in a state of perpetual
colonization, full of predatory mutants and consumer viruses, are
highly problematic ventures for constructing any systems of autonomy,
liberation, and empowered community. The digital domain with its
avatar trajectory may become the new disenfranchisement, and the new
unsavory download. We look at ideas and methods for extracting
ourselves from the “Military Entertainment Complex” and getting back
on the ground in terms of the challenges that are facing us in our
daily and, undeniably, very physical lives. “System Change” was the slogan/directive
at the recent Copenhagen Climate Summit, and perhaps the first step is to
reboot the clearly failing “Operating Systems” being downloaded via the
corporate culture pipeline.

XLterrestrials are a collective team of “psychomedia analysts” and
arts+praxis researchers from Berlin, San Francisco and other possible
worlds. “Kill Your Avatars” and “Don’t Feed The Monsters” are 2
touring programs on tour in 2010.


< 1.23 > All Access Cafe at the Box Factory, SF

-A Donation Based Brunch
-Una Comida Basada En donacion

-By retracing the cycle of healthy food: From growing it, to preparing it to sharing it in a social space

we are seeking to rediscover Interdependence.
-Al seguimiento de el ciclo de comida saludable: Desde el cultivo, a su preparacion
y a compartir en un espacio social tratamos de redescubrir  Interdependencia.

Saturday, January 23rd
Sabado, Enero 23rd
11am – 3pm

865 Florida street @ 21st

415.552.3250 rsvp

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