Flora Bora archives and random news bits from the Mission district


{ XLt-FB-1}

The XLterrestrials are busy going through the Flora Bora archives, FB, being the secret 2nd floor laboratory in the vibrant Mission District of San Francisco. We begin w/ things we had posted on the walls to fuel the day …

Item-1: Imagine, a people/ a culture used to mummify their sacred cats, while today’s “civilization” frequently puts living animals through the various product+consumption grinders… makes ya wonder what the values of life were in other times.


{ Xlt-FB-2 }

Item 2: “Marcos Marches North” by Fernando Marti, from an exhibition in 2005.


{ XLt-FB-3 }

Item 3: Nina Hagen “off-duty” in the Mission, possibly around the time of her collaborations with Alphabet Soup for an Anita Berber tribute, which included compositions from Dee Dee Ramone, Mark Growden, 2 pre-Xlterrestrials performers, and more… opening in the foyer.


{ XLt – FB- 4 }

Item 4: From about 2001? for an event at one of the now defunct (gentrifying) locations on Mission St. Elysium, great place to play and listen to djs, but not so wonderous management.

“Dr. Oral B-Movie says it will leave a film like no other brainwash you’ve ever tried!”


Item 5: XLt at Eschschloraque, Berlin 1999


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