HoT Spots in Berlinopolis and SF … part 3


Fresh back from the IDFA in Amsterdam, Meereshund presents Visoko Flying High, a film exploring the recent speculation that there are ancient pyramids in the Balkans. An idea which began in 2005 when the Texas-based businessman and pyramid researcher Semir Osmanagić visited the Bosnian town of Visoko. Rather than dwell merely upon the eccentric archaeological hypothesis, the film uses the tale as a launching point for investigating this “region of Europe where globalization is only just starting to take effect” and what spells may be cast over the locals in transition. At Kinski’s, Friedelstrasse 28, Neukoln. This Wednesday, Dec.5th, With dj Podski ( XL terrestrials and musica para espias) spinning musika from the 21st century südBlok and beyond. From 21:00h until ?. Check back for time of film screening.

Note: film plays about 21:30 or 22:00h


And if your in the San Francisco bay area, Thursday Dec.6th, don’t miss Alexander Cockburn at Station 40, 3030b 16th St. 20:00h

A.C. is the founder and co-editor with Jeffery St. Clair of Counterpunch, and is one of the few left theorists who has both a menacing intellectual kick and an ingenious sense of humor. He’s recently been taking some heat for his provocative deconstructions of global warming meets greenwashers Inc., but is nevertheless still consistently taking the piss out of anyone who thinks the Republicrats will do anything more than switch the IV drip in a comatose democracy.

“How The Left Lost its Nerve and Embraced the Politics of Fear
From Small is Beautiful, Less is More, to the Hysteria over global Warming”

A.C. will trace how, over the past 25 years, the Left has dumped any generous social vision in favor of planned shrinkage, Malthusian scaremongering and the politics of triage. All in one hour??

20:00h, $10 (no one turned away for lack of funds) . A benefit for independent media projects in Oaxaca.


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