Total Techno Pocahontas Marine Porn, Step Right Up, James Cameron’s Got Your 3-D Brain Enema Right Here!


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{ the unredeemable Leni | foto by Andreas H. Bitesnich }

Total Techno Pocahantas Marine Porn

“The contradictions of the Hollywood Blockbuster are not proprietary to Cameron.  They are the contradictions of capital-intensive history itself.  With few exceptions here and there, audiences have not failed to purchase their Avatar tickets in advance.” Greg Moses at Counterpunch


{ Not a culture jam, an embedded advertisment ’story’ at Entertainment Weekly }

The XLterrestrials were obsessed with vivisecting the “Avatar” phenomenon long before it arrived in cinemas on Dec.18th. An especially dark irony for our psychomedia analysts was that the blockbuster, and its new level viral campaign, launched worldwide on the very day we witnessed up close the collapse of the Copenhagen Climate Summit. Like a prescient market reflex, Cameron, the self-proclaimed King of the Hollywhores, must have reckoned that since the prime movers of corporate capital would be incapable of reeling in their destructive and self-consuming tentacle reach, humans might as well stick their heads deeper into the virtual abyss. In it’s 3rd week, this sci-fi epic mess has topped the US$1 billion mark at the planetary box office.

Avatar’s list of underbelly hypocrisies are LONG and growing. And as we were preparing a talk last week at a fringe event of the 26c3 – the Chaos Communications Congress -  called the Future @ C-base ( a kind of arts + technology + oddities appendage to the traditional hacker meet), we discovered this hilarious clip where the game/advertising tie-in producer – Jon Landau – says that McDonalds is a “visionary” and “quality” partner.

U know, that wonderful company which is a big player in daily deforestation ( i.e. Amazon soy farms, cattle industry, Agro giants, local merchant clearcutting, etc). Be prepared to wretch a few lunches, when you analyze it all. And tragically the majority of viewers will remain googly-eyed over 3-d dragons, the blue chick, The Tech… and maybe order another Burger w/ XL fries following the flik.

And in another dark juxtaposition to Copenhagen realities, there were discussions at the alternative Klimaforum about the UN’s 2006 study naming the meat industry as the NUMBER 1 cause of global warming. ( Hey there’s even a FBook group, u can sign in,  inform yurselves, and act as if u actually did something ; )

Step Right Up, James Cameron’s Got Your 3-D Brain Enema Right Here!

And it took us at least 2 weeks of deconstructing ( and a brief sampling of audience responses ) to wonder how Cameron can get away with so masterfully making a public swallow that an ex-marine turned mercenary (and anthropological spy), who essentially f*cks the indigenous elder’s daughter right before their village ( + rain forest) is blown to bits, can be so quickly and easily redeemed as a hero/lover/rebel warrior … and admired by the whole tribe no less! Wow if only Leni Riefenstahl had access to CGI, Fox Pictures, and Cameron as a scriptwriter, our world could be even dumber (and more vicious) than it is now!

We naturally began to get a number of defensive responses that Cameron has made a pioneering work both visually and content-wise. And we conceded there are some astounding elements ( and artistry ) that initially seem as if the film has risen to the occasion of effectively deconstructing the current cannibalistic empire in all its exploitative nature, or shall we say anti-nature. It takes on the theme of mercenary Halliburtons + Blackwater-like armies that work for corporate interests. And it dabbles in a message of connecting with spirit+nature over metal+plastic-age technologies. So now Hollywood has suddenly evolved and is now redeemed, and on our side?!

Yeah right!  The XLterrestrials consider the bizness of Hollywood, and in this case Rupert Murdoch’s 20th Century Fox, as merely playing to an obvious mainstream undercurrent of awareness, and really bares no teeth when it comes to any true plot subversiveness, and provides no methodology, no tactics, and certainly no praxis.

In the Avatar world, earth has already been laid to waste and its corporate necrophilia stretches onward,  successfully wreaking havoc + destruction + concentrated wealth, the rebels with their bows and arrows are predictably crushed, and this flimsy + untrustworthy hero will be forced to evacuate The Real for a disembodied future of a fantasy alien place – Pandora ( and his new blue mate) . One might even consider this initially sympathetic surface plot of rebellion as a Trojan Horse for pushing another new agenda into the mainstream, knowing it has lost the hearts + minds ( + the earth?) by the ol’ brute force.

And here we suspect is the beginning of the new colonial tact: Are we being pitched the corporate avatar/game industry as the inevitable migration and way of life ??! Of technotopian progress ( in manipulated + forced hybrids ) ?!! Of the post-material + post-human colonies ??!  Does it communicate in effect that because The Real will go on getting sucked to the bone, we need not / cannot try to stop this machine ??! Because here in this technological simulation is our refuge. The new precarity or else! Feeling indoctrinated yet to the “Pandora” Inc. ?!



OH hey kids you can avatar yurself ( yes “avatar” is now a verb, as in “to avatar-ize” )… And we at the XLt lab began thinking that maybe one could avatar yur Favorite Propaganda Monsters! Yep, right here:

And feel free to post the links or send us a screen shot. So far we received a few, like Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch, and even David Ogilvy known as”The Father of Advertising”! We’ll have to make a full picture gallery or family album. Stay tune!

Thx to Lena Strayhorn for playing the XLt game first !!

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