26c3 (part 2): parallel futures aren’t what they used to be


{ scooped and appropriated from a 26c3 image search, thx to whomever captured the vibe ! }

XLt presents Kill Your Avatars!

Disembodied information in utopia might provide some interesting fantasy outlets and MAYbe even some educational, evolutionary + transpersonal + psychodelic-like experiences, but given that societies are in a state of perpetual colonization, full of predatory mutants and consumer viruses, for one to enter into the avatar medium and imagine producing liberating futures is a highly problematic venture, if not delusional. And if you are aware of current individual and community obstacles to autonomy, believing that you will construct viable alternatives via the internalized machinery of the Military Entertainment Complex appears to be about as futile as trying to practice + globalize social justice in a 3-d ( strings, batons, and corporate media ) Heiligendamm puppet theater.

Is there nevertheless tactical value in multiple identities and augmented
realities? …


< 29.12 > To be presented 2nite, as part of Classless Kulla’s (from the mighty and illuminated 26c3 bookstore ) The Future at CBase event. @ c-base – Rungestraße 20 – 10179 Berlin-Mitte. Please note, timeline is changing and currently looks something like this :

( added: Kulla’s site/schedule is now updated + ‘final’):

18:00 Open Moon

The latest on the c-base Open Moon Project.

19:30 Ein Heldenleben

Short film: Join the Illuminati – free the slaves!

20:15 Neuro evolution will go on!

classless Kulla on Timothy Leary’s model of the nervous system and its past and future development.

21:00 The Future of Sex

Rose White, Johannes Grenzfurthner and Aaron Muszalski ( ella saitta substituting ) with insights to sex, porn, and technology.

22:00 Identity Wars: the End of Human Society

plomlompom (Christian Heller) on how internet culture challenges the identity mappings that human society depends on.

23:00 XLterrestials’ (comment on plomlompom … et al ) Kill Yur Avatars!

see above.

And a note from DaddyChronic says: the weekly jam session and open mic, new mixing console event at c-base spacestation Berlin. so their could be live music later that night. see you there – Liebe Grüße von der Raumstation sendet DC


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