Places Where The State Shit Don’t Fly! Trouble in A’dam!

school kids revolt

In Amsterdam riot cops on horses chased 13-year old kids over the
Museumplein and applied the watercanon on them. 250 kids were
arrested (in the whole of Netherlands). At many places small riots broke
out, kids pelted buildings with eggs and stones. One of the buildings
attacked was that of the main media centre in Hilversum and that of
the parliament in The Hague.

A full-blown school kids revolt was triggered by a new law the government wants to install, forcing kids to stay longer in school even when there are no teachers available. But there is much more to this story; Education is becoming less and less in touch with the needs of teenagers in today’s world, and they are given fewer opportunities to have their say about it.

Last Friday there were school strikes in the whole country, many kids went into the streets and were sometimes beaten by the cops. This Monday the strikes went further even though the official co-opted pupil organisation LAKS called out NOT to demonstrate. Everywhere there were kids in the streets with their main weapon: eggs.

The kids are being severely insulted by most media and all politicians, who say everywhere that they only want to riot and do not know what they are talking about. There is heavy pressure on the schools too to discipline their pupils (i.e. they want to fine schools whose pupils are found at actions and strikes).

The governement policy was, with the embedded pupil-organisation LAKS, to first have a debate in parliament. This debate was held wednesday evening, nothing came out and this Friday there was another strike.

If you want to follow the news, and send your comments and sentiments regarding riot police beating children, follow the news and/or participate on Indymedia-Netherlands ( at the moment, mostly reports are only in dutch).

Meanwhile a number of parents in solidarity are trying to help pupils self-organize
into autonomous groups.

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