CPh v.11.4 : Past The 11th Hours … in Frozen Loops!

{ Taipei Dec.12 }

Archbishop Desmond Tutu puts it like this: “We are facing impending disaster on a monstrous scale … A global goal of about 2C is to condemn Africa to incineration and no modern development.”

from NAOMI KLEIN’S  LATEST ANALYSIS : Copenhagen climate conference
Better to have no deal at Copenhagen than one that spells catastrophe


LIVE BLOG Updates - Final Day? ( Guardian Uk)

Cop15 Day 11 Round Up ( Guardian UK)


< 18.12 > ‘People’s Platform’ at Bella Centre metro ( press release ) 10h

This morning a ‘People’s Platform’ will demonstrate against the silencing of civil society both inside and outside the UN negotiations. The undemocratic nature of the process is completely against the spirit of the UN, which should be inclusive of the voices of the people.

WHERE: 10am, Bella Centre Metro Station ( read more at link above)


< 18.12 > 19h – Amy Goodman speaks, Demo NOw (details) Studenterhuset (”Student House”), Købmagergade 52, CPh


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