CPh v.11: An Ambush of Joy, Discordian Harpoons, A Site-Specifc Metal Duomo Art Installation + 2 missing teeth


{ the newest forms of protest being tested in CPH.v.1 }


There’s 2 angles here that trigger eruptions of laughter and pathos equally upon repeated viewing of the image above: One, the expressions are like a massive blow to the whole foundation of Cop World, as a thoughtcrime bubble rises above them saying, “Oh thank heavens, we found him, our father of all clowns!”

The second, which is like a scientific window into the lost soul of the robotron species, straight from the pages of a newly found Wilhelm Reich case study of the self-neutered authoritarian in its native habitat: the man who clings steadily to his mobile Other, the tether to a dead + contractual void, in the face of an ambush of possible emotions … and joy.



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” In this time, as countless multitudes suffer and die for the profits and luxuries of a few, as species go extinct at a rate faster than we can keep track of, we don’t need an orchestra composed of iPhones. ” from “Artists: Raise Your Weapons” by Stephanie McMillan

So the other day we were in a cafe discussing Stephanie M.’s article for Common Dreams and it reminded us of John Jordan’s email/article some years back (2003?) called Deserting The Culture Bunker (republished in JOAAP). And well, these perspectives greatly reduce the power of art to reactions upon a battlefield. And yet if that IS where you’re at, it surely beats succumbing to the artless factory objects that get sold on the markets by warprofiteers … you know the kind that really tend to permanently stain the carpets and quite possibly your fragile soul.

And if you’ve explored the widest possible range and magick of the arts, that is to say the limitless, you might tend to fall in the ontological camp that reality itself is your canvas. But the discussions about survival and self-defense became heated, and one friend raised the analogy/predicament of being trapped in a dark alley, and the exit lies on the other side of an approaching enemy holding a knife. And the artist takes his tools to the very last step before a threshold is crossed. For example, what if it were possible to disarm the attacker with a Discordian Harpoon? A sudden jarring break from a number of predictable + messy outcomes. A completely unexpected reality rewrite. After all you may still be creating the situation you’re in, and maybe a bloody battle can still be averted or re-framed as… a comedy scene.

This was all somehow a reference to the Copenhagen Climate Negotiations, b/c a number of us were irreversibly tied to the tale and its outcomes after having eaten all the data available over a period of weeks, and conclude there is a clear and present danger on an epic scale looming for the very near future, and even worse, there are brothers and sisters and neighbors falling victim even now.

And yet there may always remain a sliver of doubt as one crosses the threshold to the light at the end of the alley, to accept or deny that the Others’ reality will collide with your own. And while the intersection itself may not be in your control, for the artists, the scene that follows may be all ours !



{ A Site-specific Metal Duomo Art Installation in Milan ?? asks the artworld patrons, who have been fed the Berlusconian media empire for decades without pause. }

A far off juxtaposition from our Copenhagen themes, but maybe now, and certainly AFter the Climate Summit, the time is ripe to consider the new work Videocracy by Erik Gandini ( not just about Berlusconi’s rise to power, but the rise of a gluttonous Idiocracy) and the media environments as one of the critical battlefields, and consider it one of the latest experiments in arts+media as a weapon of self-defense. 2nd image above from the Trailer.

But we suspect the arts that go beyond the media spectrum will be the most critical. Stay tune for an XLt Post- CPh guide!


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