Cph v.10 : Realtime vs. the Future Script + Resources For The Days Ahead


{ Street Level views in CPH v.1 ((i)) Note: these statues of liberty are carrying a tablet/declaration that reads: Freedom To Pollute. More photo links at bottom. }


{ Street Level views in CPH v.2 ((i)) }


{ 12.12 : Hundreds in Mass Arrests in CPh, an AP/Getty foto already getting lots of corporate press mileage }

This last image is Not communicating the strengths of the many thousands who’ve come out to the streets to be heard,  and yet is one of the most powerful we came across from Day 2 of Protests in CPH, which Does reveal that dissent is bound to increase over the next days.

BUt Before we begin with a deeper XLt analysis of what’s going on at the street level, here’s some resources for the next days of action, cause it’s already in motion, and ya know, sometimes you need to check and see: Does one need to be in solidarity with the only realtime game in town?? … AND/OR are there many other activities, actions, and affinity groups that are Not so obvious and/or NOt Going to Be ONLINE ?? … We’ll try to provide some links about what’s being made public, and maybe can help you find some things to ACT UPON ( regardless of where u are on the planet … SEE TIPS BELOW) that might be a few steps more strategic than these main flows and channels :

The ClimateJusticeAction (CJA) Events Calendar Here

::: some highlights (and/or analyzed lowlights ) below :::

< 13.12 > CJA put out this call:  Hit the production! Action at the source of the problem!

It is perhaps one of the more widely publicized actions for Sunday, the 3rd day of protests ( and 7th day of the UNFCCC summit ) … but you have to wonder how effective a call for demonstrating against and “shutting down” a harbor will be on a SUNDAY… Is it a DEAD-END symbolic act ??!

The text from CJA is good, but something seems very wrong about the planning here.

” The COP15 UN climate negotiations will not solve the climate crisis. Stuck in an ideology of never ending economic growth, their market-based false solutions only reinforce the interests of the most powerful actors. Meanwhile, ecological destruction and social injustices proliferate… On December 13th we call on people all over the world to take action in their communities, to shut down the production of climate chaos.
In Copenhagen we will target the harbour with a mass blockade.”

::: Added Note :::

- Never Trust A Cop (NTAC) had argued that Saturday’s main demo would take a path to immediately leave the central city and head to rather barren area around the summit. They argued that radical leftists should remain within the central city for decentralized actions. Details about their intended actions are not being released on web-sites or at info meetings. And they no doubt will continue to have such advisories. As we took a look at their pages again tonight we also found some very useful information for people who may STill be travelling to Copenhagen. See: Info for internationals coming to Cop15 ( i.e. Border Info and this Link to GrenzSoli Cop15, tho only in German. )
::: More Calendar Bits :::
> 13.12 < Via Campesina : Action and street press conference at 12:00 in front of Axelborg building (Verstrobrogade/Axeltorv) : “Industrial agriculture is frying the planet”
> 14.12 < NO BORDERS DAY OF ACTION , 11:00h at Rådhuspladsen and will march to the Ministry of Defence!
< 14.12 > Reclaim Power party + Debate w/ Naomi Klein + Michael Hardt 19:30h @ Fredens Eng, Christiania + afterparty @ Loppen w/ dj Filastine, Ras Money, Belaj Kruj

::: Realtime vs. the Future Script :::

The XLterrestrials are less concerned about what happens in these action days than what becomes created and mobilized for a participatory Post-Copenhagen route, because, as the CJA text reads, and as most of the outside organizing groups working now in CPH have already concluded, the establishment will be incapable to find solutions to these problems. And many well-meaning alternative groups are now in the storm of protest, attacking the gates so-to-speak, rather than imagining and constructing a lifeboat for when a big ship sinks.

We will have to come back to elaborate, but just to briefly open up the theme: The current operating system  effectively channels the river of human energy into it’s hydro-electric trap door. It does so by having a future script that dominates. It is capable of tapping + trapping the flows far ahead of the present moment. ( i.e. The Global Economics Games have been a huge factor in this.) And the alternative movement(s) must begin to move tactically on this level. We might think of it as Science-Fiction Leftism, but since we are hardly given to these oversimplified dualisms… right/left … present/future … lets just consider it a SciFi hacking of the script NOW … ( more on this coming soon : the 2010 projects! ).


Tips For those NOt in CPH:

Amplify the Street Level News ! But beware of getting swallowed by the virtual traffic. The Rev will not be virtualized! Meet yur peeps in Realtime, practice your ideas in Real Space, and drop your seeds in fertile fields however necessary … for ANOTHER FUTURE SCRIPT IS NECESSARY !


More fotos from protests ( Thx Tina! ), if you’d like to spread the memes:

http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/gallery/2009/dec/13/copenhagen -climate-change-conference

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