Nobel / Russian Spirals Explained + A Little Sci-Fi Backround On Cold Wars + Hot Wars


{ Rocky + Winky, All Systems Go For Afghanistan! }

Here in this > EXCLUSIVE VIDEO <, the great professor and dynamite inventor Alfred Noble himself and his granddaughter Vivolea examine the debris of a missile test at the height of an earlier Cold War … and discuss the importance of Planet Fornax ( code-name for Afghanistan ) and the mysterious downward spiral of the NATURAL RESOURCE WARS. Special cameo appearance by a Ronald Reagan stunt double revealing yet another hidden agenda.


{ RussiaToday news }

> this Youtube site < seems to be one of the most trafficked ( and best compiled footage ), and fun to see the public speculation, rather than the uniform corporate channels, on what it might actually be.

> Another Youtube site < with translated (Norwegian?) news report and interview with a witness who shot one of the videos.


And today (11.12) in the german press the Frankfurter Allgemeine had perhaps the most idiotic headlines of recent times above a picture of the ominous spiral in the sky, which many are reporting (without confirmation) that it’s those silly Russians testing intercontinental rockets that don’t seem to work again ( … Or was there a clear message being sent, now that Oslo – and the EU – show its willingness to back the freshly launched policies under Obama, i.e. a display of new military technologies).  “Feuerwerk Fuer Alfred Nobel” [ Fireworks for...] it reads with a caption regarding the supposed Balawa oder “Keulemissiles below: “Nobel haette deshalb seine Freude ( Seite 3) gehabt.” [ from which Nobel has his joy ] …

That is if he’s not too busy rolling in his grave AGAIN.

Obama sends 30,000 troops to the front of the same old anti-diplomacy (+ occupation) loops. Another Nobel Prize rewards Empire, NOT PEACE. Welcome to the escalation of the HOT WARS! And it seems the EU’s corporate media rolls over backwards to celebrate! Rather than reporting on what it actually means to continue this war, the reasons behind it, or the failure of higher intelligence and a new global politics to emerge.

Footnote: Aside from the oil and natural gas ( and the opium crops ) , it has been rarely reported that Afghanistan has the richest deposits of minerals in the area. Anyone care to speculate, research, investigate which minerals those might be !????

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