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report 1 : The FUture Of Global Politics is in South America!

Angelica Navarro, the representative from Bolivia who helped reframe the debate from Cap+Trade to Climate Debt + Climate Reparations, makes the corporate puppets + World Bank stooges look like greasy troglodytes in pin-stripe suits unpacking their contracts for cesspool mortages. Watch Here.



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report 2 : Not in Hopenhagen, the Africa Bloc is rising! reports by Naomi Klein

Copenhagen: Where Africa Took On Obama
By Naomi Klein – December 8th, 2009

Excerpt: “… Lumumba Di-Aping, the Sudanese chairman of the G77 group of developing nations, greeted the news that rich countries will spend a mere $10-billion helping poor states cope with climate change by saying that it was “not enough to buy us coffins.”



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Report 3 : Round-up Day 4 ( Via Tina )

Dear all,

Here’s the round-up of developments related to the UNFCCC summit.

1. Yesterday, the tiny Pacific Island of Tuvalu, which is low lying and therefore already heavy hit by climate change’s rising sea levels, halted talks and demanded a legally binding treaty that will prevent temperatures from rising above 1.5 degrees Celsius and demanded that it be agreed upon not at some future date but by the end of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference.

Tuvalu’s proposal won support from the G77 (the misleadingly named group of 132 developing nations) and the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS), many of which are likewise affected by the rising sea levels.

It was opposed by India, Brazil, Saudia Arabia, China, the EU and the U.S.

In essence, what the papers do not always reveal due to the misnomer of G77, which leads one to believe it’s 77 nations (like G8 or G20) and not 130, and the acronym AOSIS, which gives no numbers but consists of 42 states, is that 172 out of the world’s 192 nations support the Tuvalu agreement.

These numbers, never discussed, indicate the power a walk-out or block would have.

2. Climate skeptics were all over the conference yesterday and often shut down.
Not going to waste my time on them but here’s a video clip of youth shutting them down.

And I think one does not need to waste much time on Sarah Palin’s climate denying Washington Post op-ed.


What’s important about her piece is that Palin pits economic concerns against environmental ones.
I fear this issue will tap into a lot of people’s concerns in the U.S., understandably, given the state of the economy, unemployment and foreclosures. But it’s not a dichotomy. The NYT has a good article laying out the costs. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/12/09/science/earth/09cost.html

The skinny, as Naomi Klein put it on Democracy Now yesterday: initially, it will take a high level of investment to change the technology, reduce carbon emissions and set up renewable energy but in the long-run, it will be cheaper, and – um – allow this planet and us on it to continue to survive.

3. Today, a scientific report released announcing unprecedented levels of ocean acidification.

Here’s the announcement of the report’s release:

Here’s the report:

Why is this announcement important? Everyone talks about the effects of deforestation on CO2 absorption but 3/4 of the world is WATER and it is important b/c it provides a cooling effect. When it acidifies, it cannot no longer provide that effect.

The Planetary Boundaries report released by Nature in Sept. 2009 mentions nine planetary boundaries and identified climate change and ocean acidification as the major two boundaries not  to be crossed. (See p. 7 of the report.)


The nine boundaries identified: climate change, stratospheric ozone, land use change, freshwater use, biological diversity, ocean acidification, nitrogen and phosphorus inputs to the biosphere and oceans, aerosol loading and chemical pollution.

4.  Carbon cuts promised by developing nations at CPH.


5. Police raid one of the major activist organizing spaces

As activists start arriving for a week of actions, running from tomorrow, Dec. 11 to next week, either Wed. Dec. 16 or Fri. Dec. 18, depending on what happens inside the summit, the police crack-downs ramped up, too. On the night from Tuesday, Dec. 8 to Wed. Dec. 9, at 2:30 a.m. police raided the organizing and housing space at Ragnhildgade where about 200 persons were sleeping. They did not produce a search warrant and confiscated shields, bubble wrap, bolt cutters, paint bombs, and drills.




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Antipodes vs. Hybrids

XLt tactical analysis … Coming soon…



CommonDreams has very useful articles + CPH Coverage for pointing any middle-of-the-roaders, and folks sitting on the fence to what’s really going down without losing them,  and a useful LINKS PAGE HERE !

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