CPH v.8 : Don’t Need A (Climate) Scientist To Tell Which Way The Wind Blows


{ Hebei Province Shexian Tianjin Iron and steel plant. Photo by Lu Guang at ChinaHush.com }

Orientation # 3 :

Remember, for the global citizen, the meaning of the Copenhagen Climate Conference is Not about Climate and Negotiating Co2 Emissions! Those are the symptoms, not the lunacy that drives the disease.

Recently a “CLimateGate” story broke in the news. Some leaked emails from climate scientists in the UK. Don’t waste yur time, but if u must here’s the wiki. (And ya gotta wonder who hired the hackers!) Is this really more like an 11th hour desperation SPINgate from the ruling Idiocracy?  Or is it a revealing and gaping crack in the whole corporate + governmental propaganda strategy ?  If you are still following the politicians’ yawning Suspense Thriller or Romantic Tragicomedy starring C02 Emissions in a love triangle, you may have swallowed the blue pill bait and are on the WRONG SCRIPT. Many crises wrapped into one piss-poorly re-framed bone of contention. And if anything, this story should point out that ya don’t need a scientist to know which way the wind blows!

To back up a bit, this story is useful in pointing out that science + data are absurdly dominant in a technophile society that can’t find it’s own ass… And then consulting an academic priest to find it for U.

Does anyone really need a climate scientist to know that our environments, which we need to live, are being exploited beyond repair? Are collapsing? And that our current operating system is like a Microsoft Windows straightjacket installed on a cement shoes machine as you try to swim across a river?

re-Orientation #3 : Copenhagen/Climate is Not so much About climate change, as it is about the operating system, on a machine that don’t float, for a user that forgot how to swim, and a culture that forgot how to think

Hmmm, it’s even less about the operating system than we first suspected. Nevertheless System Change is not a bad meme to start with.


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