Mutamorphosis… Day 2: What Progress of Roses?!


We came imagining that we needed urgently to gather up all our arts + science limbs and muscles, hearts and brains, and Act Accordingly, and yes we need all that because the urgent necessities scream out all around us. We came imagining that the planet will require some collective interventions that must proceed immediately on quite possibly both the nano-scale and as large as a critical mass of human bodies, which might block the dark traffic of the corporate vacuum which sucks the life in with its systematic and mechanical anti-breath and spews it out with that very same increasing urgency. We imagined the detachment of knowledge from the roots of being, poised to pack the roses into crates and ship them off for testing before we could cut ourselves once more on their thorns or trigger memories of egg-shaped gardens and fluttering fragrance. And we imagined wild tactical imaginations might procure a remedy, and we feared a re-designed earth that delivered us to our newest predicaments with utmost speed and precision.
unsafe observer

From the exhibition Unsafe Distance, the Martian Rose project by Laura Cinti and Howard Boland from the C-lab in London.

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