2am at Ferenc Liszt Ter, Budapest

Yes, we’ve reached Videodrome levels in the Magic Geekdom ( sitting in the park at Ferenc Liszt Ter jonesing for available Wi-Fi), but i might mention that this is hardly a Magyar epidemic, where they still gather in public space to be in the company of tangible friends til dawn.

So the lo-tekker that I am still can’t bring this wiley wordpress byte-slop to heed my calls… that is,  no images yet, but nevermind that… it’s called WORDpress right and we might as well reJoyce in the plog as Burroughsian virus.

I am reminded that what got me started on this little fix were the cybercholitos from Borderhack and Delete.tv (a site now on semi-permanent vacation or rebirthed as Possible Worlds. The same pioneering pirateers who lured 13 surf-ready sailors on board to log in to the Big (b)Other project, a multi-layered daily blog experiment hosted by Fran and the Walker Museum and fueled by the kick of instant publishing and like-minded community jams spanning the globe at the mere flip of the power switch from homebase, which for me at the time were the rather barren and suburban Oakland nights that left little choice but to venture virtually, i.e. no Magyar complexities and Pest-side density to roam among the streets in that bleak and bunkered era.

Oh Thank jebeezelbub for low batteries or i might have rambled myself into a park bench dreamtime. So not really sure this has anything to do with the XL terrestrials’ master plan, but had to give the new crisp pages a 2nd test drive.

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