Cph 4.0 : Assessing the Roland Emmerichness of Tomorrowland

{ on the edge of Norrebro district, CPH }

We have returned to Berlin from our initial Copenhagen explorations and while we go through all our plundered goods – an abundant collection of djmixes + world music demos – from Womex09, we can’t help but listen to everything as a soundtrack to the upcoming UN Climate Conference, which looks more every day like sentimental flower arrangements being made for a funeral party, complete with institutional art engagements at a variety of museums and galleries around town. As if everyone informed of the facts are still on the tact of wooing naysayers, the undecided and even the blind-eye transnationals into a group hug, while the Capital Goliath of Suicidal Apocalypse Investors continue to place their bets on which way the house of cards will fall… or sink.

So many profoundly disturbing impressions assembled, and we only seem to manage to process them like a social netz newsfeed, which btw, was also like a soundtrack to the depressing undertow of information. Little buoys of often useless wisdom + folly bobbing up and down together in a wide ocean loop, here today and gone 2morrw… Here’s a little review of the last week, we do hope you can use it better than we did:

Nicholas Currie writes:

If art could really change the world, all the artists would be in prison. [ and later ] Sorry, I wrote that down wrong. If art could really change the world, all the artists would be working in advertising.

Podopolog replies:

Working on a similar thread from another angle after seeing the Climate Change exhibition in CPH… not that we were expecting it, but certainly doesn’t look like any artists at the museum will be risking arrest ; ) … quite the opposite, they’re aiming for the self-taxidermied grand prize.

Antero Alli writes: “The Planet is fine; the people are fucked.” – George Carlin

Well we knew he was no Lenny Bruce, but after watching the linked video which attacked environmentalists with a kind of cynicism only a privileged lunacy could produce, Podopolog replies:

It occurred to us that if the LOST ANGELES species were the first to become extinct, the rest of the planet might have an easier time of putting The Age of Oil + Plastic behind them… Carlin, may you rest in peace… in the landfill of your culture!

Fran Ilich and Scott Beiben both:

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Buckminster Fuller

Podopolog Replies:

Yes we ascribe completely, but when so many with bright ideas are fired, imprisoned, assassinated, marginalized, flamed + discredited, defunded, etc… those who seek change had better be prepared to use a cocktail of tactics.

And an enlightening anecdote which we failed to fully flesh out after attending the opening of Rethink Climate at the State Museum…

While we stood on the balcony above the wine and chocolates reception of the engaged RETHINKERS below, there was a Teen Media beat reporter, an adolescent boy with a microphone, in suit and tie dressed and inquiring like a typical mannequin newscaster. It was the night before Halloween, and ya know we weren’t quite sure if this was a serious bit. He was interviewing the star of the exhibition, Tomas Saraceno, an Argentinian perhaps still in his 20s, trained as an architect and perhaps opting ‘wisely’ to put his talent into an artworld career. They were standing at the entrance of one of his grand hanging Biospheres ( see pic in a previous entry below ), and after a few unprodding + polite exchanges, Tomas, like a 15-minute Willy Wonka, told the youth, why don’t you try it inside ( in other words, stop bothering me kid ). The boy smiled, and crawled into the huge ball in-character, microphone-in-hand, and sat with no one close enough to ask the next question, he struggled to maintain an upright seated position, inbetween the role of journalist and a kid having fun, he had clearly landed in an awkward interzone … as if he had neither any room nor air left to breathe… and clearly no steady ground beneath him.

Podopolog replies:

Actually if it weren’t so disturbing, our experience at the opening of this exhibition would be hilarious… Nothing against Tomas Saraceno, his art is beautiful… and he was a cordial sort… it’s just that the whole approach is a carnival ride, and it ain’t gonna rouse the UN conference-goers to do much more than climb into an inflatable bouncer playhouse like eco-toddlers…perhaps a perfect analogy for institutional art houses dealing with serious political crises.

And Just how many carnival rides does it take to change an operating system??!

We felt a deep pity, for youth in particular, which without a major cultural awakening will be fully indoctrinated into the Spectacle-making trades, but given no tools and no maps for surviving the coming upheavals.

XLterrestrials resolve to embark on the 21st Century Pirate Map + Guide to the New Lands asap! Funders, Publishers + Collaborators most welcome to contact us!

Stay tune for a look on the brighter and More Active side…


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