A preview of the Mutamorphosis conference in Prague

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The Mutamorphosis conference is an extraordinary convergence of artists and scientists coming together in Prague, Nov. 8-11, combining the 40th anniversary of Leonardo, and overlapping with the annual International Festival for Arts, Sciences, and Technologies – Enter3 – organized by the Czech Academy of Sciences. More than enough futurological themes to stretch your mind between the wildest sci-fi utopian/dystopian realms and the multiple new worlds currently under high-speed construction. Here lies any number of perilous and inevitable bridges where underneath the abyss widens between the human situations and immense technological advances.

A preview of topics at Mutamorphosis, coming soon…

Speakers include Roger F. Malina (Leonardo) , Beatrice de Costa (Critcal Art Ensemble), Gordana Novakovic ( REX, Tesla Art and Science Group), Marko Peljhan (Makrolab), Sher Doruff (Waag), Miriam van Rijsingen (The Arts & Genomics Centre, Leiden University), Stelarc, Louis Bec (Scientific Institute for Paranatural Research) … and many many more!

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(This mapping of the blogosphere is from Matthew Hurst.)

Not coincidentally, Alberto-Laszlo Barabasi, the famed Transylvannian-born network theorist, will give a keynote talk on ” The Architecture Of Complexity”:

“Systems as diverse as the world wide web, Internet or the cell are described by
highly interconnected networks with amazingly complex topology. Recent studies
indicate that these complex networks are the result of self-organizing processes
governed by simple but generic laws, resulting in architectural features that are
much more similar to each other than one would have expected by exploring
them one by one. Indeed, how is it possible that the the Internet, the cell, or the
social network have the same underlying architecture? How could the router
know what a gene does in our cells? My goal is to discuss this amazing and
beautiful order characterizing our interconnected work, and its implications to
how we perceive the impact of links and connections on our life.”


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