Musical ReOrganism parts 2.1 + 3.0 : CPh Resources + more

{ Water Knows No Walls, Haubitz + Zoche. Parts of CPH underwater after a 7 meter rise in sea levels, part of Rethink Kakotopia at Kunsthalle Nikolaj, one of the 3 locations of the ReThink Climate exhibition }

Excerpt from the Kakatopia catalogue:

‘Cacotopia’ is a term coined by the english philosopher Jeremy Bentham { also known for the panopticon design } to designate a negative state of society, an anti-Utopia characterised by chaos, dissolution, and human suffering.

Now, at the beginning of the 21st century, climate change has brought humanity to a state where a change in the conditions for life on our planet is emerging with increasing clarity. The exact consequences are uncertain and hotly debated, but there is much to suggest that they will be considerable.

The scientific uncertainty regarding the potential catastrophes give rise to a range of doomsday prophecies. Such prophecies were particularly prevalent within the religious concepts of previous centuries, but the advent of industrialization brought a shift in focus in its wake. In our modern society, with its faith in progress, we have become accustomed to assuming that it will be potentially possible to find a technological solution to any problem, but we now find ourselves facing a new situation; one in which we are uncertain of whether the problems may not exceed our potential solutions”

A quickly assembled resources list for CPH ( we’ll come back for more soon ): (action) (action) (i.e. connections to hosting) (art projects)


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