Musical Re-Organism Part 2 : Womex09, Rethink Exhibition, PreCop15…

{ Tomas Saraceno’s Biospheres (Ar) at SMK }

< 30.10 > SMK -Statens Museum for Kunst / The National Gallery of Danemark exhibition opens: ReThink: Contemporary Art & Climate Change. Various times + locations, see above.

“Mega capitalism, the explosion of new technologies, the hyper mobility, the neutralisation of distances, boundless communication and not least the extensive
climate changes are all effects of the development the international community has seen in the past decades. This development has climatic as well as social and economic consequences the scope of which we cannot tell yet. The new situation has, however, already necessitated new ways of thinking the world. Former national, cultural, geographical and social divisions no longer make sense, but must be redefined or even transcended. The current discourse breaks down the boundaries between what have conventionally been regarded as opposing categories such as nature/culture, individual/community, national/international, and local.”

Strong stuff ( for institutional arts, and some useful articulations for analysis ), but is it More Awareness and Empty of Action and/or Application ?! XLt will take a look at the state arts approach, which is essentially, text-wise, in many ways on a similar train of thought… “Rethinking Relations”. We’ll be welcoming any and all perspective + tactical ideas, but not expecting too much to jump out of the “Museum Box”.

Coming Soon: Musical Re-Organism Part 2 : How many Carnival rides will it take to change the Operating System?? 100100011101?? ( work-in-progress )

And more reports on various art responses + Cop15 resources coming soon
+ a roundup of great music + perspectives from Womex09. And Radio Multikulti 2.0 streaming Live from Copenhagen. Show(s) on Sat. by dj Shazam + Podinski w/ special guests.

2nite at Womex: + MagaBo (Br), + Hanggai ( Ch), + Jaune Toujours (Be), and 2morrw: + Ahirkapi Roman Orchestra ( Tu), + Brigada Retro Mishto (Ro), + Parno Graszt (Hu), + Watcha Clan ( Fr), + Analog Africa Soundsystem ( Ge)

{Womex09 opening nite}

{ Brigada Retro Mishto }

{ winners of womex09 award: Staff Benda Bilili from Kinshasa }

Almost all our cynicsm about the music industry has been temporarily melted after seeing STAFF BENDA BILILI from Kinshasa ( on Crammed Disc ) … Jut when we thought we couldn’t take another bite of the “showcase chocolate” that we’d been over-indulged in, the last day of Womex showed all the signs of ingenious + engaged global citizens developing serious community projects through the music worlds… and the music itself went straight for the heart! Bravo Womex et al ! XLt reports coming soon!


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