Pure Grade Realities + Higher Intelligence … part 2

More critical art events to keep those adversarial worlds at bay and all our ports open for ingenuity and collective imagining :


oil of the 21st century

From some of the compas who brought us Reboot FM, Rolux, and Pirate Cinema, a conference on “The Oil of the 21st Century” in Berlin. Opening event is Oct.18th with Jamie King, Alan Toner, and Sebastian Luetgert. Main events Oct.25-27 includes Volker Grassmuck from Wizards of OS, Pirate Bay (SE), Felix Stadler (CH) and many more. Sure to be many-a- left-hook from this convergence of liberated space pioneers! Closing event Dec.21st. See the full schedule.


sf ignite

The first SF Ignite session is tonight at DNA Lounge, beginning at 7:30pm. It’s speed-geeking at 15 possible worlds per 5 minutes x 20 slides. An intriguing list of 15 diverse speakers includes Chicken John, Annalee Newitz, Bryan O’Sullivan, Mitch Altman, etc etc.

The first time we absorbed the speed-talk formula, we listened to John Gilmore at the Berlin 22c3 conference describing what the NSA was likely doing with our telecom data. The theories and incriminating evidence are still accumulating as EFF valiantly battles in court to protect our civil liberties against illegal govt. surveillance and inform us about a whole spectrum of privacy violations, not to mention defending and advocating from all angles in the digital media landscape. Check out their deeplinks blog for critical news from around the internet.



A sequel to the ‘Refresh!’ conference, which occurred at the Banff New Media Institute in Canada in 2005, Re:Place is at Haus der Kulturen der Welt (and Tesla) in Berlin Nov.15-18. Full program, abstracts and information on speakers at MediaArtHistory.org. Themes include Rebooting Cyberfeminism ( which we will be writing about in the next days as it relates to SF’s recent Hackmeet), Intersections of Media and Biology, Cinemedia: Archaeologies of Computation and AI in Cinema, Histories of Abstraction and many more.


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