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{ Womex09 : Valravn, MagaBo, Parno Graszt, Kayhan Kalhor , Socalled, Watcha Clan, Jaune Toujours … to name a few }

Musical Re-Organism – work in progress

< 28.10-1.11 > We’re headed to Womex09, this year in Copenhagen.

The XLterrestrials will be visiting and representing at a world music Expo which celebrates music cultures from around the globe, and interesting for us to note of course is that it precedes the UN Climate Change Conference – Cop15 – in Copenhagen by about a month.

A very ripe juxtaposition, as the XLt has been teaming up with Sustema, which is a “Next Level Support Org” developing a range of possible strategies for supporting music + arts projects: from micro-financing to production to dj/vj collaborations, an “advanced ethnotronics” ( a style/term coined by dj Shazam ) event series called Global Mash, a new recording studio at Tacheles in Berlin, and many more things to come.

One of our XLt aims is to connect the power of creativity, music in particular, to socially engaged actions.

And just two weeks ago we began to analyze a surreal collaboration between Guy Laliberté, the founder of Cirque Du Soleil, and U2 (and many more from the entertainment industry ) to raise awareness about the critical situation and necessity of water for civilization everywhere, and its connections to climate change. [Statistic of deaths]. Guy founded One Drop Foundation to focus on these issues. I.e.The lack of clean, safe drinking water for a variety of populations elsewhere is estimated to kill almost 4500 children per day. Around 3.3.million total deaths per year. And many journalists and academics have pointed to the simultaneous oil wars AND water wars in various countries.

The use of celebrity activism here is to say the least an odd approach and mixed bag.

We watched the clip from a concert in Tampa, Fl. where U2’s Bono introduces a billion dollar clown ( Guy’s former profession before he became a giant in the Spectacle Industry ) transmitted live from the Russian space station to explain on a super high-tech 360degree screen at the center of a stadium full of rock fans. A 2-minute message that essentially the earth is … a little f*cked up right now. But of course this was a G-rated + short-attention span show, and appears to put a lot of stock in the positive thinking approach, which is easier when your own water comes out of the 1st world ( empire) tap.

And one could get endless mileage out of the cynical angles here, but we don’t rule out accessing the resources of billionaires. Even Ralph Nader looks at in his new sci-fi novel – Only The Super Rich Can Save Us! ( we’ll get to that analysis sometime in the future, and it’s surely not without heavy satire). And in Germany this week news appeared that a petition has been formulated by + for the nation’s wealthiest citizens to pay extra taxes to assist the social infrastructure in what is hardly the beginning of the financial – and environmental – chaos, but certainly on the verge of a new global precarity.

From another angle, the XLt has been more along the lines of detaching from what we call “the avatar-parasite relationships” ( i.e. mass media run by the usual vested interest suspects) in order to create more deeply engaged+lived communities in touch with local/global realities. Given the fragility of the earth and the severity of Man-made imbalances, we cannot rule out attempts of getting people around the world on some sort of similar page. But is the mass mediated route, a 3 steps forward and 5 steps back?!

Ultimately these sort of “3-ring circus” efforts can’t push the information+action to any serious level. Because the antidote views they’re pushing will be encapsulated into an entertainment industry download structure which keeps the current consumer + passive dysfunctions in place. Not surprisingly somewhere along the path the entertainment industry has hypnotized society into believing that humans are only capable of changing ( and participating ) if they are simultaneously entertained. You know, a kind of inflammed appendix prize in the box to sell itself, the digestive organ of the inhospitable alien species.

For example, lets take all the passionate energy and production of artist/musicians. An artistic lifeblood  that like a natural resource becomes extracted into the vortex of the industry sausage-making machine. Art gets fed into a wholly futile (anti-)social game of ( hierarchical ) relationships.

Surprise! the world doesn’t really need a next album, a next radio/youtube hit, another glittering avatar, nor even your impassioned perspective. Today one could conclude: we need creative output to do far more than inspire us in little packagable bite-sized bits + fixes. Ok we concede there is an autonomous economies factor -via product- we are researching, but more importantly, one could say it’s the time for art to fuel massive community efforts to install an entirely new operating system, which then paves the way to constructing concrete human resources and sustainable interactions.

Something akin to a village building a public cathedral on the hillside, a civilization building a pyramid to their gods, an absurdly misguided + abducted technopole-society manufacturing atomic bombs to defend itself from enemies and/or nuclear reactors which keep the machines running and the lights on in the sweatshops. Only Now that we have full access to collective intelligence, civilization’s goals can be evolved to steer the planet towards a giant psychoanalytical backstep, inner transformations, and above all… outer self-demolition … that leaves new space for irresistable + tangible cooperation for surviving in the current flat (-tened) lands… at least until the next levels open up. A Musical Re-organism.

What would it take to channel, remix, the energies into constructive habits and habitats?! A U2-monster-artifice stadium show with satellite feeds from outer space ? Guess again!

We hope to utilize this trip to explore some options.

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