In memory of Jorge Reyes: “pintar el venado” (to paint the deer)

{ Jorge Reyes 1952-2009 }

Well he passed away already in Feb., but we were just in the process of encountering his music anew, allowing his shamanic river of works to connect us to a 1001 other points, and discovered he died, reportedly of a heart attack, last winter. As close to mind-blowing as you’ll get without the enhanced journeys themselves… The kind of music that makes the current state of the outer world look and feel like a burnt-out and/or shiny-white florescent-bombed shopping mall … stocked to the suffocating brim with lo-grade pop-cult paraphanalia.

Reyes dropped on and off of Our XLterrestrial radar over the last 10-15?years… 1st discovered thanks to the Staalplaat music shop in Berlin, an eye and ear candy+magic+art labyrinth store that doesn’t seem to have the same Ummpf without its founder Jan ( Geert-jan) presiding, curating, mixing up the medicine. We still remember when we 1st wondered into its earliest? Amsterdam incarnation, and it transformed the meaning of finding music. It was a store the size of a small bedroom containing just a few shelves and ONLy self-published cassette tapes (and vinyl?), in usually funky hand-made packages.

The Reyes Staalplaat release was like that; Immediately it was a glittering prize in an undersea drawer, a small bedroom portal to a universe.

{ The Flayed God, Staalplaat 1994, mixed media – u can’t see the ‘mirror’ inlays here }

We used a few tracks for a number of off-theater projects, sound designs , rituals… ranging from a puppet show about Julia Butterfly fighting the destruction of the Headwaters Forest ( at that point still tree-sitting for ONE+! years), to a mesmerizing Butoh show at a Poetry-Dance Festival at the Legion of Honor Museum in a freshly stolen Presidio Park ( a National Park disgracefully privatized… i.e. by George Lucas), to the Siti Company performing a piece about Lao Tsu, and numerous Pan Optic Radio mixes, which in fact led to travelling to Mexico and meeting a best friend there, and performing at one of the world’s most obscene border points.

Thank YOu JOrge !!!! We will miss you ! Your work and the resisting spirit worlds live on !
Need a Reyes fix?! check this first video below, and listen to his more precsion studio and multi-intrumental genious like Peyote, Venado, Maiz or La Danza De La Culebra or Invocation … at LastFM:

(tribute w/ links ) to be cont. at XLterrestrials

“Pintar el venado” literally means to paint the deer. Apparently if we can trust a random web source its slang for playing hookey. Listening to Reyes brought on a flood of synchronicities, and this seemed an appropriate title to consider the artworld praxis that moves us in all those directions off the grid… flight from a constrained and demented school that is not life. Today we had a small but empowering dose of de-indoctrinations.

We are in the process of ‘Manifesto-izing the positive sides’. As we also have been flooded by perspectives that there is no end to this cul de sac culture… its tourist deathwish, its stripped-bare functioning of the machine! And we were desperately trying to find ways to turn back ! But even just a slight degree shift and everything changes. There’s 1001 trails that lead to elsewhere… and the patterns of lunacy only need the slightest push off their own self-invented cliffs.


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