The Clown Gap ?! Will the Russians and Canadian Circus Entrepreneurs Threaten Our Neocon World Peace ?!

{ Guardian UK reports:
Guy Laliberté returns red-nosed to Earth after space odyssey
Cirque du Soleil tycoon lands in Kazakhstan after 10 days aboard the International Space Station wearing his clown’s nose

This is inspiring and disturbing at the same time… Does it really take a clown in space to tell us all to get a clue??! … Is this like a $35m (¬£22m) dollar culture jam!??

Is it the beginning of The Clown Gap !?? ( Missile Gap, get it ?? ) We simply cannot let the Canadians + the Russians rule our future with sattelite circus entrepeneurs who play accordions and can stilt-walk and discuss the dire water issues from space with a serious face! Will this be the end of Neocon World Peace !??

This story in the same week as Nasa launching a missile at the moon… wHoa, could this be the first space mission that the XLt supports !!? Standby for analysis… tHx to liz Cole at Evil Twin for alerting us, we somehow missed the media circus debriefing… and then we saw the Guardian piece… so Meanwhile a few links… while we sort out this jolt of juxtaposed worlds…

Our first impression is, if we need Cirque du Soleil and U2 concerts to get our attention, we are in more serious touble than we first suspected…¬† and besides, wouldn’t it just be more appropriate to do a smaller scale version for the G20 leaders strapped to a chair with their eyelids clamped open … a clown pointing his finger at Them while balancing above them on a big ladder… and broadcast that ??

ok, tbc… we need time to ponder!

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