How Many Lightbulbs Does It Take to Screw In A Rocket Scientist ?

Today’s the day NASA blows things up on the moon. Yep they’re launching a missile at the moon. Are the boys just getting bored at Cape Canaveral again ?

Not sure how many people are really afraid of the moon being destroyed or pushed out of its orbit or an explosion having some unknown repercussions. It seems that this highly repetitive AP news angle was a straw man loop straight from the PR machine at NASA to pre-empt some better questioning regarding the expenditures of space exploration, the agendas behind proving there’s ice/water on the moon, and wondering if the space program is still hopelessly packed in a Cold War rocket toys box.

“Stand back you small citizens, the experts know exactly why they’re spending lots of your money to blow things up. We’re looking for ice on the moon, now shut up!”

Assuming for a moment, that to prove that there’s an accessible water source on the moon is the only agenda, let’s take the Nasa trajectory further. What’s it good for?! Why ?! Does that open the gateway for a NASA real estate agency to start selling lots to build some crater-side condominiums with a view of the dusty and frozen grey shores? A permanent moon lab and possible habitation? A military base from which to police the ever-increasing and highly competitive international sattelite traffic ? A dismal slave colony to mine some (as yet undivulged) precious metals? A Ron Hubbard amusement park with shuttle station for you and me and the kids?

Yo, Nasa, in other words, what’s your fucking point?! We’d like to know before you spend another several billion dollars.

{ Nasa 1986, Cape Canaveral }

So, How many rocket scientists Does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

5000, 1 to hold the ladder, the other 4,999 to invent velcro.


Until we can get back to this theme ( and our extended versions analysis of 40 years anniversary of Man on The Moon) this report from Juice News with Hugo 1 kind of sums up the absurdities quite well.

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