Die Riesen Gehen, und Die Krise Kommt | The Giants Depart and The Crisis Comes | + A Modest Proposal

{ the Giantess passing thru the Tiergarten }

One cannot just step in during a perfectly executed Grand National Episode, and say “Excuse me, BUt… “

Royal De Luxe created perhaps one of the most photogenic fairytale enactments in the history of historical commemoration. Surely more than a million spectators were on hand to to be mesmerized, in person, over a 4-day anniversary event of the reunification of Germany. Everyone else will be swimming thru the archives … for however long the magic spell will last. A week!?

This is not to trivialize a masterpiece of gigantic art, both of an ingenious puppetry troupe from Nantes and the transplanted brain from inside the German Ministry of Culture laboratory.  The press release explains that the piece was written by Jean Luc Courcout ( de Luxe’s artistic director ) for Berlin, but we suspect a very complex committee of authors.

{ Pariserplatz }

{ on the way to the spree }

{ the Giants exit }

The mind flashes thru a catalogue of both lived and unlived moments of mass mediated episodes from flags on the moon to Iwo Jima,  Baghdad’s first night in Hell (part 2), the Twin Towers collapsing, to a crowd of people climbing on The Berlin Wall at Brandenburger Tor… to Two Giant Puppets sitting on the lap of Europa-Zentrale, in a city which could be said to have evolved to making culture (art and theater in particular ) its heart.


{ As the Little Giantess entered Act/Day 3, this astounding bank art was around the corner }

Excuse the chronological indifference of an internal to external surfing collective consciousness, but as the XLterrestrials observed the State’s fantasy version of it’s once-upon-a-time  “Friedliche Revolution” (peaceful), we have now gathered extensive psychomedia material to analyze the patient which denies its multiple characters, its diverging paths, its teetering dysfunction of unity in the make-believe. Like a nation on the couch, telling us its memories of a story it knows to be half-truths.

And we are attempting to assess if, and how long, a national-scale + epic fairytale, and its Operating System, will hold to blur the facts on the ground … that as The Giants Depart, A Crisis Is Still Coming.

{ a Royal spectator up an Autumn tree }

Coming soon to a theater near you : A Modest Proposal


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