Vote SF Chron Writer CW Nevius Onto the Island of Proto-Fascist Tabloid Think Tanks

The San Francisco Chronicle has reached a new pinnacle of professional journalism this week by giving CW Nevius, sports writer and veteran Rotten Tomatoes film reviewer, a new editorial column on the front page. In a brilliant move to rouse the citizens of our great city to NIMBY extremism, Nevius has been given the noble task of investigating one of the Neo-Con Republicrat party’s most beloved problems: getting rid of homeless people. His new creative style of polling should elevate the discussion amongst fans of Survivor, Fox News, and American Idol. Excerpted from SF Gate:


The XL Terrestrials’ Committee For Eradicating Nazi Pop-Up Books For Adults have convened in a special lunch break session to find new uses for these advanced tools for social progress, and will be experimenting with polling our readers on subjects which we hope will assist in finding new roles for ambitious city planners and journalists with those specially-gifted agendas. Try this one:

CW Nevius

Help Vote CW Nevius Onto The Island Of Proto-Fascist Tabloid Think Tanks… Do you think his next assignment should be:

1. Investigating whether the governator should sign a billion dollar contract with Rudolph Gulliani’s newest company to arm California meter maids to improve coin collection flow into city coffers.

2. Interviewing Pacific Heights home owners who have recurring nightmares about being puked on by Muni-riding homeless people with untreated illnesses, about whether they would prefer to have more malls, high-rises and parking garages built instead of low-income housing, hospitals and public schools.

3. … ok u get the point.

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