20 Years after the Berlin Wall, Pink Floyd Comes Back To Fly The Pig

{ checkpoint, Europa Stunde Null }

Swamp, Europa Year Zero. One of the best deconstructions your likely to see about the end of communism told thru a kind of time-travelling backstage history blowjob, but not at Roger Water’s newly styrofoam-christened Postdamerplatz … rather somewhere on a dark bridge between Sarajevo, a Lexus car dealership, 1973 and the Non-Stop Fog Machine that no one knows exactly how to turn off.

Performed by 400asa Sektion Nord, an Austrian, Swiss, Italian, German co-production, features guest spots by Gina D’orio ( Cobra Killers ), Heinrich Dubel (Author von Helicopter Hysterie), Paolo Fusi ( still the commune-loving hippie at heart And/or anarchist at the barricades ) and a cast of Berlin Theater’s most dangerous underground at full speed. Oh, and Roger and friends of course… well, minus Syd. Wish you were there!


Warning: only 2 days left, and no more reserved tickets, show up a little earlier than the 19:30h departure time at Sophiensaale and see if there’s still a seat on the bus. ( Performances in german )

And note, the show is rumoured to be on its way to Krems ( in April ? )  … and standby for further Analysis + Interviews? coming soon ? ? we’ll try.

Added: 400Asa Please contact us here, we’d like to get the text to the performance and put you in touch with Herbst Radio.


{ Royale de Luxe landing at the Lustgarten, Day 2 }

Die Riesen (propaganda) Kommen !?

A spectacular juxtaposition to Roger Water’s The Wall, the 2oth anniversary show is now a Royale de Luxe extravaganza with their giant puppets already walking the streets of Berlin, as we espeak, which plan to meet at Brandenburger Tor by Saturday… some fairytale subtext plot is about 2 characters who have been divided by … you know what. And upon meeting, some thousands of letters between separated friends and family, which had been collected by the Stasi, will supposedly be dispersed according to one Morgenpost? article. Hmmm, yet another grand historical scrub of sorts ?? Anyone heard of Stasi 2.0 and the Schaeublebaeuble?

Some excerpts from Podrescu’s investigations:

” …tears welled up in thee eyes seein the dear de Luxe giants 2day, our XLt kin… but we’re still assessing if they have become hostages of nationalist propoganda ; ) “

“seriously, we’re not sure if it’s because the landing of a giant puppet, a perfectly executed artwork, is in itself an overwhelming emotional experience, like being 6 years old and seeing a goddess arrive… or b/c beside what we just absorbed the nite b4, a brilliantly unleashed deconstruction of Berlin Wall history … And that the lies of a nation ( + global economic tyranny) almost imperceptibly fused with beauty, is treachery to the soul. In any case the 6 year old girl/boy in us feels good to be alive. It’s complicated!”

“… Our fotos are a bit crap… here’s the full spiel w/ fotos ( a previous show in france, but same characters )

>” It’s a family story; it won’t be political,” Courcoult said during a recent press conference in Berlin’s now-decommissioned Tempelhof airport<

Sorry but that just doesn’t fly… unless u turn off yur adult brain. This is a GIANT MASS MEDIA event ( Sponsored by Mercedes and Total Deustchland, Kultur and Media … Bundesregierung ? ) to celebrate the 20 years of Germany’s reunification. No way around that, and Mr. Courcoult, to a certain degree you’ve been b(r)ought here by the Ministry of Popdom ( i.e. cultural oblivion ).  Now we’re not saying Trojan Horses never ride the Big Specs, but we’re here to see what’s what..; and just b/c them puppets rock, don’t mean ya get a free pass. One has to ask…  Art in service to whom and what?…  contexts … and the end results ??!

“Mr. Courcoult Did say it’s to make people dream, and Thank You Mr. C. and Royale Team, our dreams Were indeed spectacular last night !! Unbelievable! And we do believe that puppet theater played a part in making it happen!”


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