Nevermind Deutschland, Rule Your Own Backyard and The Rest Will Follow : ) Save Mauerpark!

Rule Your Own Backyard and The Rest Will Follow ; ) No Buildings Here Mother$%^#ers !


A messy reportback:

We received a note that the Really Really Free Market was happening yesterday in San Francisco’s Dolores Park.

Big REsPeX to Kirsten Brydum ( Murdered in NOLa 2008 ) … Long Live the Really ReallY FRee!!! Here in Btown, Merklism ( read: the new teutonic thatcherism ) worms its way deeper into the national up-ended obedient orifices… And yesterday we were in Mauerpark ( read: Berlin’s Dolores ) where the Fat mAn in pinstripes threatens to build luxury housing and take the people’s playground away.

And in the park, some idiot tourist with a karaoke box on a bike has colonized the ampitheater ( every F$%#king weekend ) to get people to sing along to the sounds of Top 40 Braindrilling Inc… rather than making people think.

Moral of the story: Use + Create YUR PUBlic Space like yur life depended on it ! A longer version of this little tree-spiked rant will appear at if interested. Thx U. for reminding us of the courageous + dangerously clever spirits.

… continued above: see : Operation Dancing Polanski

Sometimes when reality kicks in, you just need to kick the f*ck back !

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