Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Future Sex, But Were Afraid To Insert Your Credit Card


[Image from Jim Avignon remixed for Pan Optic Radio's ABCs of Disneyweltschmerz, 2001 ]

(Note, this is Part 2 of 3 plog items on Monochrom’s Arse Electronika conference, which begins with prior entry “AE Probes the New Pron World…” )

We are still processing the profoundly messy Arse Electronika conference from this weekend. Ironically it’s (Fuck) Columbus Day, and while this didn’t just happen overnight, we are starting to feel as though this may mark the new era whereupon the latest wave of colonizers began drawing up their company charters inside our pants, having landed on the deepest shores of inner “psychogeography” (an opposite context) with that frothing eye of $cience-cum-plea$ure as their compa$$.

arse electronika

[ from Monochrom site, photographer metaphorge or laughing squid ? ]

Stay tune for a full XLT analysis of Monochrom’s bravely curated conference, which had an impressively gender-considered list of speakers including Mark Dery, Carol Queen, Annalee Newitz, Amanda Williams, Thomas Ballhausen, Peter Asaro and Katie Vann, and Violet Blue. Should you want to try and glean more information about the future of a sextronic world turned on and/or reconsidered, they are having a final post-Arse Electronica gathering at House of Shields bar tonight (8pm), though they confessed that they may need a break from all those “fucking machines”, from cable salads, net streams, cameras, laptops… to yes, the machines that … fuck you.

And in a brief aside for all those keeping tabs on the colonial progress and pursuit of owning life, UK Guardian posted this weekend that Craig Venter will in fact be announcing any moment now his inventing artificial life forms, and we can only hope they will not resemble this:

craig venter

To Be Cont.

Update: these subjects are definitely going to take some slow methodical attention, to get off in the right direction. But we have been thoroughly and pleasantly and disturbingly surprised by what Monochrom has accomplished here. As we prepare to cover Mutamorphosis.org in Prague in November which claims a theme of “Extreme” environments, we suspect that sexuality is not going to really get as deep a look as what the Arse-E has triggered. And truly that ingenious Ballard quote “Sex times technology equals the future” is progressing at a marke(t)dly increased rate, and so we want to makes sure to adequately investigate a few corollaries, i.e. Paul Virilio’s theory roughly abbreviated here: Increased speed is proportional to the scale of catastrophe. But we don’t want to merely dwell in the shadows of the sun, we’d like to thoroughly flesh out where the beauty of the erotic will be retrieved for the collective consciousness, and the fluid bodies … not reduced to “Porn Punch”… rather organicly extendable by the amorous explorations of interconnected reality frames at the rate of poetic flickering, irreducibly timeless and fractal-esque, and absolute in its un-meter-ability.

So in the meantime, check out all the current writings, which Monochrom has kept thorough blog tabs on at their fantasticly infused and adeptly humored site. And V. Vale just sent us his newsletter write-up which provides a great full tour of him also spending most of the weekend in the most surreal dungeon stage of Kink.com. Amazingly Vale always remains supremely uplifting regarding human creativity and the wide spectrum of futurological exploits. His blog and ReSearch newsletter are here, but we highly recommend subscribing to receive it as an email… and if yur inclined, as much as we cannot endorse sucking off the enormous MurdochSpace, it has its advantages to explore the ReSearch online mutant family growing there.

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