Music topples the walls, if only…

{ XLt + Fela }

We were so busy with our latest performances, there’s a lot of news we weren’t able to keep up with. Here’s a few bits … and random and not-so-random perceptions:

Woke up this morning listening to some older tunes on LastFM and wondering what sucked the life out of that notorious revolt of ____ ( your inspired phases/culture/nostalgia/heroic journeys here ). And was it the music biz that ate the bloody godheads ? Can we at least blame Them ? Can’t we take a few hammers to their tower even if it would only satisfy a deep night pang ? Or can we embrace our fleeing compatriots as we scatter from the burning center ?

Can the Music Biz be rewritten? … .. the Music Output Channels redirected ?? Last week’s All 2gether Now Conference was in many eyes a grand success. We haven’t had a chance to fully assess. Our brief glimpse was an odd convergence of clean-cut entrepeneurs + popworlds looking for a soft resolve in the middle of a culture war. But we haven’t done our homework on That One yet to fully … Rant … In the meantime, here’s some quotes/impression. ( de + eng bits both ) … Oh there’s some funny triggers for XLt analysis, yep.


Last nite while we were celebrating the coming together of artists from over a dozen countries for The Night After Ramadan, there was another round of those diligent pranksters who took to the streets in that new form of media hacking and DIY. Yes, the Yes Men struck again with a fake New York Post ( print + online… and here’s  some reactions ( Vimeo ), full of all true tales of what the Climate Crisis will reap upon our lands, our cities, our lives if we do not act. And another form of Storming The Studios ( in Burroughsian script ) was taking place in cinemas around the word, with special screenings of Franny Armstrong’s The Age of Stupid:

” On September < 21st / 22nd >, on the eve of the UN General Assembly’s climate session, The Age of Stupid will be launched internationally at the biggest and greenest live film event the world has ever seen. The Manhattan premiere will be linked by satellite to 700 cinemas in 50+ countries.”

There’s news about how that all went on the AOS FBook page. Haven’t had a chance to see how the general media is picking up the story. It certainly had enough celebrities representing for the corporate channels to dance along … as if they’re down. And then what? And while we have the utmost respect for both of these projects, it’s what happens after the perception shifts… and after the awareness projects. SO Let’s see what concrete plans may have come out of these bravely launched information coups. Stay tune… or rather … Run… Run for your very own stage of the Real : Act 2.


Meanwhile on the local level and with the kick + pedal of the individual stepping-up-to-the-plate, we got the news a couple weeks back about Ride Too happening in San Fran this coming friday, A benefit for the Cellspace cultural center… you know that one that just keeps giving to the community…

<25.9> Happy Feet presents Ride Too! A benefit for Cell, San Fran

And if Ya Don’t Know: the bike is one of mankind’s greatest inventions… more on that later…


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