Podopolog is back, a few quick items : U-Cef & the Arab League w/ Dr. Das + the XLt crew, A2N conference, 40 Years NGBK, etc.

[ XLt meets Piranha meets Ramadan meets Pasolini meets ... the Muse + Electric Sheep ; ) ]

<< 21.9 >> Piranha’s Nights of Ramadan finale of a 3 week multi-kulti Ramadan festival featuring U-Cef & The Arab League ( Morocco/Uk ) with Dr. Das (Sri Lanka/UK ) :: Visual System by the XLterrestrials/MDc Crew + Green Sun ( San Fran/Berlin/Wien ) :: Afel Bocoum ( Mali ) :: Skarabaeus (Turkey/Berlin ) :: Kamilya Jubran ( Palestine/France ) :: Mahmoud Fadl & Delta Ensemble ( Egypt/ Berlin ) :: Sidare ( Iran ) and dj Ipek ( Kreuztanbul ) … and many more scared and juicy bits from the Islamic worldS… [ see Links below ]

In Kesselhaus+Machinehaus – Kulturbrauerei, Prenzlauerberg, 20h ( 9/7euro )

All 2gether, All 4One … the artworld topples the dividing walls!

[ XLt meets Eastblok meets Pigasus meets Lech Majewski meets Modul8 ]

XLterrestrials podopolog is back after a wierd bit of digital indigestion ( thanks dr. DB for the fix!! ) … oof, now we can get back to patching up all those black holes in the lifestream, and/or cont. to sit here and enjoy the warm sun in the parallel U… Plenty of things to alert you to :

A2N / All Together Now conference + events ( see below ), including Psio Crew (pl) with XLterrestrials + M-Decompression on the vid controls at Polska Rootz at Machinehaus<18.9> and the Nights of Ramadan in Kesselhaus <21.9> , analysis of Freedom Not Fear <12.9> ( hmm, what is the color of things past, green ?! sounds like a melancholy color scheme. ) Stay tune, we’re firing up the engine plogs.



< 18.9 > Eastblok presents Polska Rootz with Psio Crew + Friends at Kesselhaus



< 21.9 > Piranha presents : Ramadan The Nite After with U-Cef with Dr. Das with vjs from the XLterrestrials crew ( M-Decompression Crew and Green Sun ) and many many more sacred + juicy bits from the Islamic worlds… like Afel Bocoum, Skarabaeus, Kamilya Jubran, Mahmoud Fadl & Delta Ensemble, Sidare and dj Ipek!


<Now> A2N : Live streams, Community, and lots of friendly music-loving Pirates with the drive to Share the World without the corporate-consumer Virus to fuck it all up !!  More Soon… On Now! Check it !!



XLterrestrials are happy to be teaming up with Modul8 and Tagtool … Thanks For Your Support !! Artists supporting artists making another world possible !!


More On show with Eastblok + Psio Crew:

As part of the A2N / All Together Now conference + events:
Eastblok records presents
Polska Rootz cd release party :
w/ Psio Crew (pl) + djs : selecta pehle, dfx, and the EB team
+ added: XLterrestrials + M-Decompression + special guest : Green Sun on the vj decks

East Beats, Dub, and future folk from Poland… “Psio Crew” means “dog’s breath”… a rural curse that puts a little HUMOR and BITE to the urban- village- future- folk mash up that they’re serving fresh and on the cutting-edge. A 10 piece ensemble that’s sure to pfunk the haus !

And XLt has a special guest on the vj crew, Dieter Puntigam from Wien e-painting live with Tagtool, with Podinski layering the Antologia Animacji and polish poster art archives from the XLt media – wine cellar.




< 19.9 > 40 Jahre NGBK, party at Radial System, Berlin

40 Jahre Kunst Politik und Gesellschaft

Als die NGBK 1969 gegründet wurde, waren zwei Beweggründe ausschlaggebend: Zum einen sollten künstlerische Strategien gefördert und präsentiert werden, die Visionen für eine „Neue Gesellschaft …“ beinhalteten. Zum anderen sollte eine offene, transparente Struktur allen Mitgliedern des Kunstvereins die Teilnahme an Entscheidungs- und Realisierungsprozessen einräumen.

Die erste Mitgliederversammlung der NGBK fand am 17. September 1969 statt. Wir haben den September zu unserem Geburtstagsmonat erklärt und möchten mit Ihnen feiern…

19.9.2009, Radialsystem V, Holzmarktstr. 33, 10243 Berlin
Programmbeginn: ab 20 Uhr / Einlass ab 19.30 Uhr
Live: HardBeatFive, vj kernelpanic, Djs spule beywerk und selectar pehle
& weitere Überraschungen

:: Am 19.9.2009 erscheint das Buch „NGBK – 40 Jahre “ ::
1. Band dt. / 2. Band engl. Mit Beiträgen von Irene Below, Frauke Hehl, Gabriele Horn, Jan Ketz & Barbara Lauterbach, Klaus Kroh, Carmen Mörsch, Ulrich Roloff-Momin, Hannes Schwenger, Krista Tebbe, Claudia Wahjudi u. a. zahlreiche s/w Abb. ISBN 978-3-938515-34-1

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