“What Would Jesus Buy?” at SF Docfest, Reverend Billy Steers Head-on Into the Strip Mall Insanitorium

Rev Billy and friends at Roxie

( rev billy, savitri, aaron, and lukas at roxie cinema, 10/2 )

The new Morgan Spurlock produced film about Reverend Billy’s Shopocalypse tour, “What Would Jesus Buy?” – directed by Rob VanAlkemade, now based at the 5lowershop- played at the Roxie as part this year’s SF Docfest, and tonight Billy and partner-in-crime Savitri are being hosted by Chicken John for a serious debate about political party-crashing with a jar full of jams. We will try to get in a full review of the movie before it opens on BUY NOTHING DAY in November ( in SF at the Lumiere Theater ). In one sentence here: Drag anyone to this Excorcised Xmas Implosion Device (EXID) who still believes in Santa Claus, Neo-Liberal Tooth Fairies, and the Master Card Gods … and they shall be saved!

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