Radical summer/fall blurbs: 15 Years YAAM ! + Watcha Clan + Oberbaumstr. Hoffest + All2GNow + U-Cef with Dr. Das + Royal De Luxe + +

< 23.8. > Jahcoozi w/ Roots Manuva and Radio Clit … 15 Years of YAAM !

< 21.8 > Watcha Clan & Sista Fa at Glashaus/Arena Berlin … Popdeurope’s world music season finale with Piranha label representin!

< 13-15.10 > Royal De Luxe comes to Berlin for 20th anniversary of the Mauerfall…

Die Riesen Kommen/ The Giants Arrive
ok, sometimes u just can’t bitch about (Art) Spectacle, especially when u got a soft spot for puppets, and yur jaw is too busy falling out of its socket ; )

dev null fotos from Sultan’s Elephant in London, 2006 :

[ new space : all2gethernow #camp findet in einer großartigen "neuen" Location statt, mitten in der Stadt, gleich hinter dem Roten Rathaus und Fernsehturm, dort wo früher DDR - Hartgeld hergestellt wurde. It will rather rock! ]

< 16-18.9 > All2getherNow camp + conference  to rethink the music ‘industry’… and there’s a wiki page developing ( somewhere??) so u can take a look and see how you might co-create the agendas. XLterrestrials may participate in a panel on DIY economies, pirate patronage and peer2peer community funding. Contact us if interested! In an slightly more aggressive summation this is an end-run around the flailing Popkomm vampire meets vulture schmooze fest. This is not to rethink music industry, this is to replace the bullshit with a more intelligent social bridge between artists and patrons, communities and global citizens. no no no industry 2.0, this could be about sustainable artworlds PERIOD!


< 21.9 > Piranha presents : Ramadan The Nite After with U-Cef with Dr. Das and vjs from the XLterrestrials !

< 1.9 – 22.11Herbstradio: Aus Berlin für Berlin

Herbstradio sendet vom 1. September 2009 bis 22. November 2009 auf der Berliner UKW-Frequenz 99,1 MHz. Es besteht aus zwei Veranstaltungsradios, die parallel stattfinden: “Rewind2020″ und “Berlin macht Radio”. Unter der Organisation der beiden Veranstalter Klubradio und Brotfabrik/Radiopiloten beteiligen sich verschiedene Berliner Radiogruppen am Programm.

Also on FaceCrook ( in eng. )

< 29.8 > Oberbaumstr. 11 annual Hoffest at Wendel, L.U.X. and Trickster

Includes Spark debut ( Shazam + Badram from GlobalMash.eu, Sustema, etc. ) after midnite, Cargo Cult Cru, XACute Soundsystem. and many many more… All your favorite Schlesi homies ! It’s gonna be a blast !

Added: stardate : 29.8.2009, XLTerrestrials have fallen into a summerlalaloch ness monstro modus disoperandi with soo many berlinopolis distracti a-praxticus ad infinit um um um :::

Oberbaum Hoffest, Hito Steyerl at nbk, lohmuelle sommefest, lange nacht d/ zerstoerungs-machine @ museum der dinge…  all dancing along to soundtracks by Alif Sound System, Ali Ibn Rachid, Smadj+ Talvin Singh, Alina Orlova, and Chumaho dryu …

b b …but 1st must…kill … cc c …omputer !

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