Summer Workshop Report : From Media Lab to Social Lab to Transformation Lab

[ A wordcloud generated from workshop/discussions of what results are sought from a "media lab" ]

[ foto from Maria - ptqk blog ]

An XLt Analysis of the the entire Sommercamp + Workstation 09 at Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt… coming soon, but hey the tropical btown weather is melting large portions of our critical + polar faculties. We’ll try.

From “acoustic laptops”, “forensic data surfing” and diagrams for a “paella thinktank”… many many unexpected surprises occurred, and we’re trying to encapsulate our perspectives into a full meal community plug-in right here before your very eyes… but yes, beyond the eyes…

The workshop for media lab groups produced many Tactical Diagrams and clearly road signs to venture far beyond the visualizations… and all those lists.

Contrary to the old parental nag, one revelation might read:  ” Ahh, Your eyes Are Not bigger than your mouth”.  Something of the old conceptions of “a media lab” were melting in the sunlight of an energetic group and all those southern cultural inputs…

[ reps from , , , , , , , , , , and more ... ]

And there’s some serious rethinking going on about what may constitute a Lab for social experimentation far beyond mere technology factors. We actually spent a lot of time attempting to rename the workshop and generate another term other than “media lab”

[ If anyone would like to create a home-grown urban "Epistemological Farm" - PLz contact us immediately !  : ) ]

And Um, never mind the “paella vs spaghetti bias” here : ) … there was a brief Spanish media lab discussion coup, but we worked it out peacefully… we think : )

And an excerpt from upcoming XLt analysis:

At Sommercamp, Tore Honoré Boe from the Netherlands did a really fun workshop on how to construct acoustic laptops… In a lighthearted and comical presentation at the end of the week, he said they were not meant as an “anti-laptop” statement, as he uses them frequently and also makes music with them… but to highlight the computers’ rather narrow interface. And the obvious screen vortex dilemma ! One of the Xlterrestrials recurring pts. re: colonizing corporate technologies. Someday soon we should produce an essay to elaborate further: That seriously Unfunny, efficiency machine with primarily an architecture for brain to eye-balls to finger-tips, you know, like a portable office/desk environment as an extension of your increasingly reduced body/ functions/life,  neeeds a Conceptual + Concrete OVERHAUL !

Tore + A-laps listenable here:


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