REboots 4 – sommercamp fuer + kunst + media + + musika + + + reclaimed cities +

With all due respex + affection, some folks have a fUNNy way of celebrating summertime :

< 10-16.8 > Sommercamp +Workstation 2009 : Labor fuer Kunst und Medien Berlin

< 9.8 > Opening performance evening with Jessica Rylan (US), Ciat Lonbarde/Peter Blasser (US), Hildur Gudnadottir (IS), Halldor Ulfarsson (IS/F), Tore Honore Boe (N/E), Dave Griffiths (B), Martin Howse (UK/D), Derek Holzer (US/D), u.a. at Ausland, Lychener Str. 60

< 8.14 > Cages Variation VII by :zoviet*france:, Matt Wand und Atau Tanaka at Radialsystem

sommercamp+workstation=2009 is meant as a practical example of the feasibility of a “laboratory for art and media in Berlin” carrying on the idea of TESLA – medialab.  The starting point of the four-month project is the sommercamp from 10th to 16th of August – a module to work and generate ideas, with ten open workshops and two days of final presentations on 15th/16th of August 2009 at the House of World Culture and a kick-off on 14th August 2009 at the Radialsystem. More here

Workshop themes : A] World as Representation: systems and simulation., B] Re:Discovering Sound an Instrument-building Workshop, C] Ways of Doing. Approaches, Manuals, Tactics, Strategies and the Operational Art … and Fran Ilich ( Possible Worlds, Borderhack, Tijuana Media Lab,, etc, Mx ) will be on hand to participate in the “Tao of Media Labs” !

And a list of more summer trails coming soon from Camp Tipsy to full moon(s) over Goerlitzer Park to a secret media activist retreat : ) to Pirate Mapping the hidden gardens…

< 8.8 > Moritz Wolpert & Christian Günther präsentieren Die „Schaltzentrale“ im Eschschloraque, B-mitte

< 14-16.8 > Post-Capitalist Cities conference, Pula

During three days, the Conference on Post-capitalist City will present the common experiences of European groups involved in mapping, planning and creating situations which escape both the capitalist logic of production of space and reproduction of life.

Participants/Groups include MetroZones (De), Hackitectura (Es), Raumlabor (De), M.i.m.o. Lab (Es), Krax, Exyzt (Fr), Elena Marchigiani , Fram-menti and many more.

The data used for the creation of this map was taken from the city section of the local daily newspaper Glas Istre in the year 2007. The events are categorized according to the type of activity (revolts, demonstrations, complaints, occupations, evictions, unauthorized construction, small communal actions, volunteer work. Apart from that, the map shows the points of potential future conflicts: abandoned buildings in the city, substandard settlements and dirt roads.

( possible reports coming ? )


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