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So much news pouring through this week, we felt an urgency to just throw out as much updating here as possible…

1. Balkan Beat Box afterparty is Not possible this time around but see ya at the Great American Music Hall show ( which may not be sold out Yet) THIS Saturday. This group is on fire, and the latest album Nu-Med has a kind of global solidarity underpinning that feels like it is the new Clandestinos anthem, adding a brass kick and mediterranean-jacked rap to unify the latest rise of smiling warriors on the march !
balkan beat box

(photo from BBB blogspot )

New Brooklyn to SF transplant Dub Gabriel’s celebrating his Birthday!! And Shon Meckfessel, the author and anarchist explorer of the Balkan regions, who’s spearheading a new Kosovo Roma refugee assistance project (KEEP) for 2008 is arriving from Seattle to work out some future mission strategies. And a special note regarding Cellspace, which has been struggling financially and has now pretty much returned to an all volunteer organization again, was the most supportive in our efforts to book a last-minute space for a fundraiser for this cause. Thank YOu ! And we hope we can work out a Balkan gig with them in the near future.

2. Pre-BBB show nevertheless THIS Friday, the electro-Balkan Beats WILL fly in honor of Critical Mass turning 15 years old ! One happy-ass viral AND land-based insurgency that has spread to hundreds of cities… and perhaps reached its largest incarnation thus far in April 2007 in Budapest hitting “50,000″! riders. In another 15 years bikes may very well rule the world : ) …But WHY wait that long!
critical mass querade flyer

The call is out to make it a 15,000-bike strong Mass! AT LEAST ! LEAVE NO PEDAL UNTURNED ! Don’t Miss IT! Bring out all your neighbors !

3. Very sad news to hear that a Kingpin of COMMUNITY ART SPACE, Jack Davis made his final stage-Left exit this week (1940-2007 r.i.p.). For the last 20 years, he directed one of the most important art galleries and venues in San Francisco, Somarts Cultural Center. His dedication to the arts will live on through the numerous organizations he influenced from Intersection For The Arts to SF Mime Troupe to Cellspace. Links to tributes by John Law and Lil’ Mike at Laughing Squid.

jack davis somarts

4. Naomi Klein spoke at The First Unitarian Church to a full house, and will pass through the Bay Area again tomorrow night at the First Congregational Church in Oakland (More West coast dates, see full tour schedule , and her new Shock Doctrine Murdoch-space for bulletins). Her analysis of “disaster capitalism” is bound to be a seminal work in understanding the ruthless neo-con agendas, now the dominant economic system driving the world on its crash-course of the green-zoned haves and the red-zoned have-nots. Key points, which we hope to examine further in the days to come were numerous, but we’ll preface a few here.

shock doctrine US pressing

Her illumination of shock and torture as openly brandished and well-publicized instruments is so articulated as to be impenetrable by the inevitable right-wing backlash, which will undoubtedly leap into action to muddle the issues and the incriminations. I.e. Guantanamo ( and the treatment of prisoners) is a blatant Pentagon-produced commercial ( it certainly wasn’t “leaked”) for waging a domestic and international campaign of fear. She steers clear of the black helicopter-type anecdotes and lays out what is in the Neo-Cons own actions, words and documents.

Her description of Katrina as a man-made disaster which befell Louisiana was the prescribed course that had for decades fueled and nourished the greedy while abandoning its civil duties, providing escape routes and green zones for the wealthy while building a drowning pool for the poor. The grossly inadequate levees that broke and the impossibility of evacuation due to a decrepit infrastructure demonstrates that the terror of Neo-Cons Inc. had already been waged on US citizens for years, and continues to aggressively leverage for privatized plunder in the aftermath(s).

Her experience of a number of fresh catastrophe locations from Sri Lanka to Baghdad to New Orleans to NYC-9/11 to the economic crash in Argentina has given her a deep insight to the information that will buffer us from being exploited so quickly and so easily in the next wave of disasters that are on a hair-trigger in the days to come. Collectivity and informed positions will be our best defense. The unfortunate part of her talk was that, as usual in the journalist profession, the solutions and the actions needed are like a 2-minute footnote compared to the barrage of bleak pictures. And while she has gathered so much evidence, including a wealth of resources online, we must beware not to stare too long at the black sun, and really develop the materials that will guide us out of the storm.

And thank you to City Lights for supporting the DIY media!

5. The crackdown in Burma has begun, there’s been a call for a SF solidarity action at noon on 9/28, keep an eye on Indybay.org, and meanwhile here’s a list of things you might act upon from anywhere to help the monks and the people of Burma under siege.

the crackdown in burma has begun


more news coming …

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