REboots 3 … Rewind, Going Deeper, Rise Above ( Iran, Gaza, Twitterstan )


[ Steve Bell. 2006 ]

To analyze the media world’s portrayal and subsequent popular parroting + echoes of what goes on with interpreting the upheaval in Iran, one might rewind the tape just a few years back to 2006, and take a look at Steve Bell’s ripping comic interventions. Replace Bush with let’s say an average citizen of “Twitterstan” or “Facebookistan” or even “Wikistan” pointing fingers at a mysterious mutant 3-humped camel and a bubble above reading, “It’s been foolin’ with Elections.”

And then ask yourself what do we know about the 2 presidential candidates  Ahmadinejad and Mousavi ( Note: our initial internet search for info in english on the latter revealed very little for someone who was already prime minister of the country for 8 years, a position which followed on the heels of a previously assassinated president AND prime minister ). Aha, so what do we know about the current and historical political landscape or even of the Islamic culture of Iran, and from what sources do we know what we think we know?? You know, like beyond the Wiki ! Ultimately you might arrive at a picture of a green-horned avatar without local limbs, either echoing the Great Misunderestimator himself or swallowing whole the top-ranking Google news bits. A mostly male figure stands before the grand internet with his groin pressed up against the back-end of a laptop-simulated camel somewhere in a virtual desert ( and/or the ‘desert of the real’ – Zizek ).

Secondly keep in mind, going back to 2006 in terms of understanding foreign (i.e. US, UK … and G8? ) policies in the Middle East is really not much of a rewind. Brown and Obama, who have taken over the occupational hazards, have hardly even tugged on the reigns of the high-flyin drone camels they’ve inherited from an over-extended oil-grubbing military mindfuck.

Thirdly, our friends at Telekommunisten recently wrote that the National Endowment For Democracy ( i.e. empire Republicrats ) love it when you help spread solidarity for the “Iranian Revolution” and wonder what that means, and XLt was already wondering how to interpret the The Rise of The Twits.

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< 3.8 EFF / BayFF hosting ” Iranian Protests & Digital Media” in San Francisco
Follow the LIVE Stream + CHAT here :
( 19:00h – PST / 22:00h – EST / 4:00h : Aug.4 – CET )

” Iranians protesting the results of the recent election found an outlet and a means of organizing with the Internet, and showed that new digital media can help free speech and fight repression globally. But what happens now the headlines and the Twitter trends have died down?

Panelists include Cyrus Farivar, journalist author of the forthcoming “The Internet of Elsewhere”, Net activist in the Iranian protests Austin Heap, and EFF’s International Outreach Coordinator, Danny O’Brien. “

More info at EFF eventsDeepLinks Blog and on the EFF FB page.  And always nice to see at EFF events : No on turned away for lack of funds!

[ This is sure to be a fascinating evening, and the XLterrestrials would love to pose a few questions. Standby, we're working on em. And btw, just so you know, XLt is a bit worried this could be a 2-dimensional discussion about the liberatory uses of technology from a primarily Californian IT perspective, so a deep psychomedia analysis session might be ahead. ]


[ ]

Over 6,000 Gaza kids broke the kite flying record this weekend ! Great to read some positive news from this part of the world for a change. Beautiful project from UNRWA and probably many other Orgs involved !

A full story at the Tadamon site.

But as we read more into the story, the XLt are disturbed to hear that the Red Cross had registered the names of all the children particpating. And we are investigating the implications of that.

Also while searching for kites in Palestine, we found an older pic above from ActiveStills, which currently has a show(s) up in Berlin at Al Hamra Cafe ( ***** Star XLt rating ! + high bandwidth WLAN + computers to use, which is becoming increasingly rare at cafes ) in Prenzlberg.


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