Naomi Klein’s Latest “Shock Doctrine” Should Wake Anyone Still Asleep In The Global Fire !

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(Stills from Alfonso Cuaron’s clip for “The Shock Doctrine”: Watch Here.)

Making stops in San Francisco 9/26 and Oakland 9/28, Naomi Klein is on tour with her latest precision analysis “The Shock Doctrine”. Could anyone still sleep through this fire, after absorbing her assessments of free market feeding time in neo-liberal overdrive over the last four decades?! While we haven’t had a chance to get ahold of the book yet, judging from this incredible collaboration with filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron, and her recent appearance on Democracy Now this is one of the most disturbing and spot-on critiques of the current nightmares we are living through today. Our first impression is that this has potential to completely alter the wearied and endless debates between economic and social systems and put everyone on the same page: no longer questioning, no longer demanding, but actually running for the exits and the alternatives.

Also very interesting to note from a Spectacle analytic, the use of a rising star of cinema, Cuaron, as a vehicle to advertise for information through perhaps the deeper and introspective medium, the book. In other words a profound new move in the mass media tactical arts, a jujitsu act going backwards against the flow of Spectacle 2.0, the net’s current torrent towards a barrage of endlessly flowing snippets of fact and fiction, diversion and bit-dreams, the next connect to nowhere.

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