:: } XLt Newsletter v.10101… + Little Ostblock in Btown :: }

< 25.6 > Freak Cabaret aus Minsk mit dj~vj Podinski im Club Der Polnischen Versager , (B-Mitte) … And more info in english here.

Our :: } Little Ostblock in Btown :: } edition cont. below, but first …

Liebe arts+musika+praxis organisms,

} :: XLT newsletter V.101010101 :: {
Gruesse aus the B-side-east !

As we write this newsletter, the first one in some time, the
XLterrestrials are compiling some essential cultural bits from our little
Ostblok hood, so that if you haven’t already joined the eastside Rev, you
will have no excuses from here on ; )

We’re rushing to get this off in time, so, if you Are in Berlin, you’ll
hopefully be able to join us for a Very Special concert TONIGHT -

< 25.6 > Freak Cabaret Band, aka Serebryanaja Svad’ba (oder “Silberne
Hochzeit” ) from Minsk with dj Podinski at Club der Polnischen Versager in
Mitte, Ackerstr. 168. Ab 21h (5€ or less ). Don’t MISS Em ! They are
One-Of-A-KIND ! Listenable Links here:

the XLt Podopolog : arts + praxis mapping

Sorry for the short notice(s), life has been very full, and we are
drowning in mails, and internet, endless blobs of media, and the downward
spiral of the Global Idiocracy. Of course all of this is why the XLt media
ecologists are hard at work analyzing all possible escape routes for our
21st century community survival.

We are fairly sure that any toolkit must contain a treasure map for
awakening a LUST FOR LIFE at all times.  So HERE BEGINS our Special Summer
(S)editions, with plenty of nodes to fill your hearts+minds with content,
and Discontent and Wild Seeds o’ plenty !

THX for reading,
Aaaaaahhrrrrg !


p.s. More Podopolog Announcements Coming Soon:

- new issue of Plotki.net
Theme: Culture Shock
Paolo Podrescu’s ” Aurelio + Ana Kiri “
a new sci-fi/sci-now series
Your feedback Much Appreciated !!

- XLT vs. MDC vs. Beta Haus at Fusion

- Dj Shazam + vj~podinski ( sustema + XLt )
remix THE Altes Museum ( and the Dahlem ethnological archives )
< 8.7 > im Lustgarten, Berlin

- XLt’s 21st Century Pirate Map project
( looking for collaborators )

- XLt Pacific Coast tour in the fall/winter

etc, etc, u.s.w, toa, tba, tbc…

arts + praxis + musika organisms


:: } Little Ostblock in Btown :: } cont.

The XLterrestrial Global Headquarters have been based in the “Little Ostblok” part of Btown for some years now. Spreading out from the Torstrasse, which is the dividing line between Mitte and Prenzlauerberg districts, one can find a number of eastern culture spots representing the diverse population of Russians, Belarussians, Poles, Bulgarians, Romanians, Moldavians, Slovaks, Czechs, Hungarians, Ukrainians, Albanians, all the ex-Yugos, the Baltic states … and there’s probably any number of disgruntled succeeding provinces since 1991 we’re leaving out… aha, and not to forget the DDR-rians , but you get the picture… well, if not, here’s the wikipedia map above to massage yur eyeballs for as long as you like!

Perhaps we’ll try to come back to cover more territories as an XLt guide to the Ostblok cultures in Btown, but for this entry we’re going to just give you a quick glimpse of Russian, Belarussian and Polish Culture that surrounds our public secret XLt Psychomedia Lab here in the Torstsr., because we got a few upcoming things on our radar to promote, that you won’t want to miss!

< 23.6 + 26.5 + > As parts of the Sophiensaele’s program : Ulica Pravdy: The Russian Avantgarde, Animal Cops will play on Friday, Pjotr Mamonov is 2nite, and well check the whole program which has just a few more days to go.

[ animal cops by Gabba Reifenstihl ]

< 27.6 > Animal Cops + dj~vj Podinski at Fusion ( ab 24:00)

< 28.6 > XLterrestrials’ Transmigration of the Spam’tars, Freiluftkino at Fusion ( ab dark )


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