The Rise Of The Twits, Who’s Lovin It !?

[ Inside Moldavia's Twitter Rev ]

Nothing against a bit of rage at the right time and place, But…

Hmmm, the last so-called “Twitter Revolution” was in Moldavia in April, and still hard to say who’s winning there. Though we can safely say that Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and his financial handlers are again dancing in the halls in their South Park office in San Francisco over all the free ads now attached to the current Iran crisis. And if ever our own countries were in crisis (YES WE CAN!), would the techno innovations of these 3 capital-lapping clowns ( and their Silicon Valley entourage ) be a godsend tool to liberate us ??

[ Jack-on-the-clock, in the middle ]

Yes indeed, we’ll be the readymade flies, consciousness-groomed, to swarm to the wonders of the telecommunications dung heap in the simulated skies once again. It’s the Rise of the Techno Twits!

It’s all the corporate media rage, and even enhanced by the indy bloggin buffoonery that parades as something fresh and radical and life-changing, hmmm, as if SMS culture exported from Japan ( 10 years later ) perhaps, and repackaged in ever newer forms of consumer, and prosumer, net euphoria could be exciting. Yawn.

Twit Revolution analysis is a work-in-progress… here’s an XLT psychomedia preview :

“This twitter mania is a bit like thinking the techno rave tooth fairy Inc. is coming to put liberation under yur pillow…( in 2 sentences no less ) … and more realistic analysis is probably gonna show: that the more u think the rev will be digitized, the more yur oppressive regimes are lovin it !

“The key thing to understand about successful political protests is that they rarely succeed if the government has the ability to monitor them from the very beginning.” Evgeny Morozov for The Washington Post

Morozov’s analysis here is pretty good in parts, but it was just awhile back that he himself wrote the very sensationalist headlining bit about the Twitter Rev in Moldavia… looks like he’s getting a little smarter, but only as far as a Washington Post leash will allow. More importantly, there’s a long list of other factors why from an XLt perspective a revolution, or shall we say: bottom-up change, will Not be twitterized:

1.  such simplified communication can give rise to mob rule, and the mob is so easily manipulated ( from a top-down order )

2. This situation in Iran, like in many countries, is Not about which “candidate” will rule next. This revolution is already steered onto the wrong page. The 2 candidates are a bit like a (S)election between a Democrat or Republican. And now after the chaos, the people will likely fall into the lap of the continuing controlling system with either the same or a slightly different figurehead at the helm. Issues which are a bit more lengthy than a 140 character communications device.

3. In a totalitarian environment, using an entirely trackable communications system is playing with the devil. Perhaps there’ll be critical mass, perhaps not, but in the end, if the government feels truly threatened they can switch the main game off at anytime, which might be a sign, they’ve decided to leave it on for a very useful data flow and/or to steer the population themselves.

Etc, etc… we’ll have to come back for more factors…

For now lets just say, Iran’s problems are massively complex, and intelligence agencies, possibly from multiple regions, have been deeply involved in destabilizing the country… And So who’s lovin the chaos now ??!

The nation’s sovereignty is in grave danger, as it is surrounded by global wolves with their own agendas, that are not those of the Iranian people: Israel, US, Russia, EU, etc…..

Here’s one small primer from P.C. Roberts at Counterpunch on the outside interference.


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