::} juni + juli v.5 ::} Summer of Cruel Love Baby, Here We Go Again ! + +

Banksy vs. Bristol Museum ( > Now thru Aug. 21st ) … Ok, we don’t usually post youtube clips, but this bit HERE might inspire the right troublemaking summer mood.

Police States and protesters alike are expected to be on their best behavior this summer as a whole range of eruptions unfold around the world… Coming soon, not yur usual summer cultural tips, but an XLt guide to stay cool and in your tactical best, as things heat up in the hood.

And for other spectacular news + actions + fun:

[ War and Corpses - The Last Hope of The Rich ]

The godfather of the culture jammers… The pioneering work of John Hearfield, in the pre-Adobe fotoshop days ; ) and Klaus Staeck in the Berlinischen Galerie (29.5.-31.8.09)

So before we get into the deep arts-n-action reporting, here’s a few XLt promotional bits and Xtras below…   Just a scratch on the surface of the Berlinopolis riches you can add to yur calendar:

> 20.6 < Global Mash #4, last of a 4 part series but by no means is this a finale. Another deep-seeds party to push the quality levels higher on the multi-kulti praxis in Btown. It’s been a pleasure working with Sustema and Spark, and rumors are the next round of productions will be spread out across the city.  Catch the wild Senegalese funk from Dudu, whose been a Womex/Piranha contributor for some time, and much much more, eye. e. Podinksi on the retina spins !!


< 25.6 >Serebryanaja Svad’ba band w/ dj~vj Podinski in Club der Polnische Versager ( Freak Cabaret, also playing at Schaubude > 20.6 < ) … A description from their site reads: ” In all concert adventures the musicians are accompanied by countless suitcases, full of church and kitchen stuff, bottles of different forms, lingerie, a pitiless Dog Baskerville with sparkling eyes, a Woman-Leech, cheating of men to the last penny, an inhabitant of Paris’ catacombs, blonde rat Emmanuel Kant and a lover of décolletés Monsieur Rook. In the repertoire there are songs in Russian and French, ironic, paradoxical and vital with the elements of clownery, puppet show, and cabaret.” … And one video clip reveals that lead singer Benka might be the long-lost Belarussian sister of Fantomas’ Mike Patton. Don’t miss em! You’ll be very sorry !!

< 26-27.6 > XLTerrestrials ^s. MDC ^s. The Museum of Capitalism at Fusion Festival … more info soon !

… … …

Ok, the “XLt summer guide” , like all things of an off-the-grid and unscrupulous dada, martial arts + psychomediatric nature, will undoubtedly Take Time ( No we are not tying ropes around our necks in a Bangkok Hotel like Hollywood Star-junkies, Tv-Shaolin style ) …

But lets 1st inform you that the revolutions will not be televised, digitized, virtualized, twitterized *, prosumerized. No no, and everything you need to know is NOT written on the net, No No No… But if yur in Berlin these days, for starters, there’s quite alot of news you should check into HERE: Stressfaktor

It’s sure to be an historic weekend that should catalyze many exciting and beautiful things to come !


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