Parallel Politics part 3

What exactly are we talking about?? Parallel Politics? Well if you’re in the SF area come to these benefit screenings and learn from the PROs!

Included in the program are some very inspiring clips from Rage Against The Machine, who took their Battle for Los Angeles tour to Mexico City. Also note this is a prelude to RATM coming to the Bay Area with the Rock The Bells Tour on Aug.18th with Wu-Tang Clan, Public Enemy, Immortal Technique, Nas, The Roots, and more.

Also featured, the informative clip “Resist To Exist” which brings into sharp focus the indigenous struggles everywhere. As the Zapatistas’ Subcommandante Marcos once explained that globalization under the heel of the financial elite would simply eliminate the indigenous people and their way of life if there is no resistance, this story of the Cucapa tribe is a critical example of that confrontation. A tribe which once thrived at the mouth of the Colorado River is being forced out of existence due to the north’s diversion of the river for it’s own profit, regardless of the lives which subsist from it in the south.

And how does that all relate to local SF politics? politics everywhere? life on the planet?! … stay tune for Parallel part 4.

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